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Who do you think is the best 5-4 team in the AFC and in the NFC?

In the AFC Ravens,Jaguars,and Texans are the 5-4 teams

In the NFC Eagles,Giants,Packers,and Falcons are the 5-4 teams

In the AFC I believe the Houston Texans are the best. Underrated team and one of the 5 best offensive units in the NFL in my opinion. I think their defense is decent and underrated as well. Nearly ended the Colts unbeaten season on the road. I think they're still a playoff team

In the NFC I have to go with the Philadelphia Eagles. They are usually a better 2nd half of the season team and feel they are just a more talented and better team esp. on defense than those NFC teams listed. Just need to work on that redzone offense

Who do you think is the best 5-4 team in the AFC and in the NFC?

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    In the AFC; I'm still going to take the Ravens. Unfortunately for them they play in the toughest division in the NFL at the moment. But they've proven they can play on both sides of the ball, and in my opinion Ray Rice is one of the most underrated backs in the NFL. The guy can do everything. The defense isn't what it once was; but is still solid on most accounts. Houston is a close second; as their defense is inconsistent in my eyes, though they have playmakers like Ryans, Robinson and Williams. Edge to Baltimore Ravens.

    In the NFC; This is rather tough, as all four of them have shown incredible weakness at times. To me, the Giants and Eagles have too many injuries at the moment to be that team. The Eagles are going to be without Westbrook for a while if not the season, Andy Reid has been making terrible playcalls, and decisions in the game (has had 0 time outs the past two games in the 4th); both their corners are out this week. Redzone and short yardage problems look big time. To me, the Eagles are basically a fraud. They've only beaten one legit team all year, and that was an injury riddled Giants - and they've lost to Oakland. By the way, I'm an Eagles fan. So I'll go with Atlanta; though Turner is hurt, I think Snelling can fill in well on the offense, and they still have the most proven weapons on offense of the teams listed. Green Bay is horrendous on both the offensive and defensive lines -- they cannot win that way therefore I don't hesitate to say they're the least of the four teams here. Edge to Atlanta Falcons.

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    The Jaguars are the only 5-4 team that is not on a bit of a downswing. The Ravens stared out looking like a Superbowl contender, but failed to score in the first half against the Browns. The Texans are probably on the smallest downswing but there last game was a loss. The Eagles have dropped two strait to teams they should have beat. The Giants have lost four strait ant are probably in the most trouble out of all of these teams. The Packers lost to the Bucs just to short weeks ago and Aaron Rodgers is going down way to much. The Falcons have lost three of the last four, on what appears to be a fairly easy stretch.

  • In the AFC I think it's the Texans. They are a really underrated team that never gets viewed as much as a competitor, but they have a lot of talent on their team with Andre and Schaub always combining well. They could sneak into the playoffs I think, and surprise everyone with a Wild Card berth.

    NFC I'll still go with the Giants. Most people will disagree, but I still don't think the Packers and Eagles are good enough. Just not enough consistency. The Giants have been poor as of late, but I am confident they can get it going again. Coughlin is a great coach, and it's not like they are short on talent.

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    All three of the 5-4 AFC teams are pretty good. I like you think the texans are a little better than the other 2 but its close.

    Ironically I think most of the NFC 5-4 teams are horrid lately except the eagles and falcons. I think the Falcons are the best right now, but I suspect the gmen will get it turned around soon.

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    AFC- I agree Texans.

    NFC- I think the Giants still have the best team of the 4. I wonder where the Eagles are going to be when they can't get the deep ball to Jackson and Westbrook's injury problems. Packers and sack is all I have to say here. Falcons are good, but can't seem to get it done against better teams and are pretty inconsistent.

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    Texans, as said before, they have one of the best offenses in the NFL and maybe the best passing game, this was clear againts a colts side which is lacking on defense with 2 rookie defensive starters,

    i think the texans are the underdogs of the nfl,

    (watch out indianapolis) when you play them away,

    BTW im not a texans fan im a Viking before you say anything,

    (but were 8-1) hahahaha

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    Texans and Packers

    The Giants need to win again before I can consider them.

    This isn't the Eagles defense of old, that's for sure.

    The Falcons Ryan has turned into interception machine of late and no telling how long Turner will be out.

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    ravens and falcons

    ravens defense is good and will only get better as the weather gets colder and ray rice is a machine not to mention they have a extremely nasty three back attack

    falcons are going through a rough patch with ryan not playing well and now turner getting hurt but ryan will turn it around to finish out the year strong

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    Texans & Falcons

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    AFC: Ravens

    NFC: Packers

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