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Watch this video and answer, is British Royal Family Jewish?

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nothing racial or sinister. But I am doing a research on genealogy of Royal families.....So pls help

Nevermind the video.

pls answer ALL questions if u can in detail and rational.

Thnx in advance...I heartly thank u for helping me sorthing this out...

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    The queen is descended from Jewish people (but very distantly). She is also descended from Mohammed the prophet. She is also descended from Chinese emperors, and from Dracula. It is simply a question of knowing enough of your ancestors. Given enough history and time, we are all descended from numerous different kinds of people. It is just mathematics.


    Descent from the Colonna family who were Jewish in origin.

    0-Elizabeth II Windsor, Queen of Great Britain 1926-

    1-George VI Windsor, King of Great Britain 1895-1952

    2-Mary Cambridge, Princess von Teck 1867-1953

    3-Mary Adelaide, Princess von Hannover 1833-1897

    4-Augusta, Princess von Hessen-Kassel 1797-1889

    5-Karoline, Princess von Nassau-Usingen 1762-1823

    6-Karoline Felicitas von Leiningen, Gräfin von Leiningen-Heidesheim 1734-1810

    7-Katharina Polyxena zu Solms-Rödelheim und Assenheim 1702-1765

    8-Georg Ludwig zu Solms-Rödelheim und Assenheim, 1664-1716

    9-Eleonore Cratz, Gräfin von Scharffenstein 1629-1680

    10-Eleonore Colonna von Völs ca 1605-ca 1648

    11-Friedrich Colonna, Freiherr von Völs ca 1575-ca 1615

    12-Kaspar Colonna, Freiherr von Völs ca 1540-ca 1610

    13-Melchior Colonna, Freiherr von Völs +1543


    They are also descended from the Khazars who adopted Judaism as their religion. The Khazars formed a powerful state between the Byzantine Empire and the Islamic world.


    The Queen is descended from Menu Morat, Elteber of the Bihar Khazars.


    The Queen and her family enjoy another Jewish descent from an historical figure named Makhir. He was a Jewish Prince of the Davidic Royal House sent by Caliph Harun-al-Rashid as ambassador to the Emperor Charlemagne at the end of the 9th Century. Makhir remained in Europe where he founded a family, one of whose descendants married into the medieval English Royal Family.


    EDIT: I looked at the youtube video before I wrote this answer. Lines of descent older than 500 AD should be viewed with great suspicion. They are generally full of innuendo, propoganda, and motivated by religion. One of the few exceptions is in Chinese culture where descent from Confucious (roughly 500 BC) is a little more reliable.


    That said, if King David has at least one descendant alive today, logically most of the world is also descended from him. So it is very likely that Charles (or you or I ) are descended from King David. Once again, that is simply a matter of mathematics and has no religious meaning.

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    No, they are not Jewish by definition. The Queen's mother would have had to have been Jewish for the Queen to be Jewish. The late Queen Mother was a charming Scottish protestant Christian of noble extraction.

    The descent from King David is a romantic idea that cannot supported by sober analysis. There is scant evidence that there even was a King David.

    Of course the Queen probably has a small number of ancestors in centuries past that were Jewish but these form a statistically insignificant part of her genetic makeup (far less than a hundredth of 1 percent).

    She is of Germanic Christian protestant descent.. She is head of the protestant Church of England.

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    Their ethnic ancestry is Arab, Armenian, Austrian, Belgian, Byzantine Greek, Chinese, Croatian, Cuman, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Georgian, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish, Khazar, Lithuanian, Mongol, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Scottish, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Welsh. That's what happens after a millennium or so of royal intermarriage.

  • I heard that Queen Elizabeth is descended from King David.

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    Yes they are from jewish desendt

    Idk if it is publically know

    Yes they do

    Because it not just jewish people who does it the are making a promise to god when they do that.

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    No the British royal family is not jewish but they are of German descent. their last name before england declared war against germany in WWI was Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. it was later changed to windsor after one of their castles to be more patriotic.

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    They're not Jewish, they're Protestants.

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