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Hi R&P, Can you guys help with a public transportation navigational issue? (#68)?

Hi Everybody.

First off, thanks again for yesterday. That was a really nice boost, you guys really are the best.

Anyhoo, here comes another installment of my Top 101 (mix tape rules) Countdown. If anyone is new to it and has any questions please ask and I will gladly give the rundown (also there is a link to the whole list so far that I can provide upon request). Here are the last few:

77. Portishead - Cowboys

76. Tom Brosseau - Here Come the Water Now

75. Mos Def - Sex, Love and Money

74. the Mamas & the Papas - California Dreamin

73. the Specials - Little B*tch

72. PJ Harvey - Me-Jane

71. R.E.M. - Welcome to the Occupation

70. Jimi Hendrix - Castles Made of Sand

69. Peter Gabriel - Solbury Hill

I'm pretty much ready to get pounded here for number 68, and I accept that. I do think this is a great tune with a really cool flow to it, a great lyrical groove. It's quick, it's catchy, and you guys know I love a good quick, catchy pop tune. Past his first two or three records and a few scattered tracks past that I'm not a huge boss guy, but I think he's got some real gems, and here is my favorite of them. Also for what it's worth, you have to factor in tthat I was raised by a total Springsteen fanatic.

Bruce Springsteen - Does This Bus Stop at 82nd Street

Youtube thumbnail

So what did you think? Love the Boss? Hate the boss? What's your favorite tune? Burn the whole catalog?

Thanks a lot everyone for listening and answering. I really apreciate it.

Happy Tuesday!


Hi Kelly,

I'm really sorry if I offended you. Honestly no offense was meant at all. I just know that a lot of the people who I know on here tend to be kind of luke warm on the Boss and I was prepared for people to get on me about putting my choice for him above say Hendrix and Dylan, etc. That's all. It's true, I like Asbury Park, Darkness At the Edge of Town and a solid handfull of tracks beyond that, but I'm not a huge fan. I did see him live and he is an amazing showman. I actually have a lot of great things to say about him in general. I really meant no offense and sorry if you took any (I do understand where you did).

Have a good day.

Hi David.

Thanks man. I'm glad I represented him well. Have a good one man.

Hi Red Devil.

Nice to see you man. Thanks. I like the lyrics to this one a lot too.

Happy Tuesday man.

Hi Shades.

Happy Tuesday! Yeah, it started to feel kind of hit and miss to me at the River, and though there are some good tracks after that, it's about...

Update 2:

...(ctd) where I would put the turning point as well. Man, that early stuff is very cool though.

Thanks Shades. Take it easy.

Hi TL.

I'd definitely recommend Asbury Park and Darkness On the Edge of Town particularly. Both are very good records. I hear the Dylan in a lot of his stuff too.

Hope you like it. Glad you liked that one.

Have a good one TL.

Hi Beatle.

LOL. It's actually kind of a fun new development. Get to try to think of the best question to associate with the songs.

I heard about the Ohio/Michigan thing. I heard that those states have a sort of rivalry anyways which kind of makes it even funnier. I get it though. All that traveling. I hear it can kind of mess with your head.

Sorry it didn't hit the mark. Hopefully we'll get back on track tomorrow.

Take it easy man.

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    WTF is wrong with Bruce? I'm a Jersey Girl and I love the Boss, he's part of my childhood and a part of my life

    My favorite tune:


    Youtube thumbnail

    Damn, did you ever see this guy in concert? He plays a four hour show, a real entertainer!

    Thanks for insulting us Springsteen fans. Is everyone on here a Nirvana fan or something? I don't get it.

    BTW I really like #s 77 & 70 too

    EDIT- Ok, ok, sometimes I forget there's nothing but kids on here that don't know any better...thanks for your post...some of his later stuff is good too, 1995's "The Ghost of Tom Joad" is amazing as well as "Devils & Dust" in 2005 if you like folk-y kind of stuff. Guess I'm just biased, i think he's fabulous

    I really like your lists and I enjoy your posts :D

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    Hey Prof, Springsteen is another artist I'm not really familiar with at all,aside from a few of his bigger hits I've heard on the radio. I liked the song, it had kind of a Dylan vibe, which is cool. My uncles a big Springsteen fan, maybe I'll borrow a few albums from him sometime.

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    Hi Prof.!

    I love how you put this in the form of a question, Lol.

    I'm not gonna pound you for that song but I'm not a Bruce fan and that song did nothing for me. I had never heard it before though. Most of his songs sound the same to me.

    Did you see a couple of nights ago Bruce was performing in Michigan and thought he was in Ohio. He yelled out "Hello Ohio" at the start of the concert and referred to 'Ohio' several times before trusty E-Street bandmate and guitarist Steven Van Zandt corrected him by whispering in his ear, Lol.

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    Hey Prof :-)

    Funny question!!

    Like you, I was an early Boss fan... but after the River it started to fade, and by the time we got to Born in the USA, I was pretty well gone. But those first two albums ~ haven't heard them since I made the change from cassette to CD! And Born to Run... well, it's just a total fave from back when it was new....

    Happy Tuesday to you :-)

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    I wouldn't really count myself as a Bruce Springsteen fan although I do like some of his songs. I hadn't heard that one before but it sounded great and has really cool lyrics.

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    I think it's great and I am a big fan of Bruce

    take care


  • 1 decade ago

    excellent question - that ought to keep them off your back for a while

    musically, not for me

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