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RayRay asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Should I Drop Mike Bell for a waiver wire pickup?

Same content as a previous question asked differently.

I play the #1 team who lost Ronnie Brown and Michael Turner last week

He will need a RB off waivers. So Do I

My Current Running Backs

Pierre Thomas

Knowshon Moreno

Jamaal Charles

Mike Bell

Shonn Greene

I am dropping Shonn Greene and picking up a RB off Waivers in

Order if available (I am 9th): Forsett, Snelling, Norwood, J. Lewis (@DET wk 11), R. Moats

I am wondering if I should Drop Mike Bell too? His role looks like it is #3 RB on NO. But he is a handcuff. He brings little value unless PT gets injured. I may be able to get Moats or J. Lewis for him. They seem to have a more regular role. I know J. Lewis has limited value. It would only be for maybe this week.

Given the predicament

Would you risk dropping MIKE BELL for Moats , Jamal Lewis, or Norwood (coming back from injury)?

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    I would not get rid of Mike Bell, but you should try to pick up Jamal Lewis and Ryan Moats before the other guys you have listed before them.

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    I would definately drop Mike Bell and Shonn Greene. I would put Lewis in front of Norwood on importance though because Norwood is still battling an injury. If you could get Snelling and Forsett, that would be big because they will be No. 1's this week for their teams. I would not try to pick up Moats though because the situation in Houston is so up and down.

  • kullas
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    3 years ago

    i think of the terrific third WR is already on your roster.....bushy. He bumped right into a SF protection it is playing surprisingly properly. yet bushy would be back, he has shown himself over the direction of the year, those different adult men have been drawing near of previous due....Crayton is out as quickly as Glenn comes back, Bradley gets decreased time whilst Berrian comes back, NO Cooper comparable factor Horn would be back quickly, NYG purely filling in...etc. shop bushy!

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