Racial Poll: What are Filipinos for you?

I just wanted to hear other races with regards to their own impressions of Filipinos.. Just be true to yourself but limit what you say so that you won't hurt us Filipinos..

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    I have been three times to the Philippines and had a Pinay gf for five years.

    My very first impression was that they are ever so eager to please, especially when selling you something. Walking down the road, within seconds a tricycle would pull up asking where I wanted to go. I was in the Gaisano Mactan trying to buy some jeans and had to hide from six sales girls being ever so helpful telling me which ones I wanted to buy. I felt a bit like a mouse in a cattery.

    You must never ever lose or even show any bad temper in the Philippines. That is a great taboo, and however angry you are, you must always be nice and smiling and laughing. That is the rule there.

    Karaoke. The great Pinoy Institution. The sound is a bit like the call to prayer in a hospital. All Pinoys are potential stars on the X factor or America's got talent. Even when it sounds like someone having his toenails pulled out to music, we must always clap.

    Jeepneys and Multicabs. Being able to count to 10 in Cebuano or Tagalog is helpful here. Anyone getting on thrusts a handful of money to the nearest person who then passes it down the bus to the driver, who skillfully takes the money, counts the change and passes it back while somehow keeping one finger on the steering wheel.

    The P500 note. Never get stuck with one! Nobody will break it. Whenever I pass a bank, I make a point of breaking it down. Pinoy money is pink papier mache, sodden lumps of tissue peeled in the humidity from pockets drenched with leg sweat. The smallest demonination the P20 (worth about 25p) is the most widely used, and you stock up on as many as you can get hold of, and hope somehow they are still usable. The P20 is vermillion, and the P50 is crimson. In the heat, they are the same colour. No sweat to Americans, who are used to silly money all the same size and colour whatever the value, but confusing to Europeans whose banknotes are different colours and sizes according to value.

    As for money, the Pinoy rule is that if you have it you spend it, and if you haven't got it you borrow it, preferably from someone who won't ask for it back.

    As for the girls, the best ones are the ones furthest away from American air bases. I prefer the Visayans to those from Luzon. On Luzon, they see men like me primarily as money boxes. In the Visayas, the same difference exists as does between England and France. The Visayans have a joy in living for life's sake, and are delighted to be thought sexy by foreigners. The response, ever helpful, is to enquire if I have any friends like me who would like a nice Pinay wife or girlfriend.

    The girls are all incredibly young, incredibly beautiful and smiling and seem genuinely happy to see me. Quite a culture shock from what I am used to in England. They have perfect suntans which they try to rub off using skin whitener you get in every supermarket. This baffled me. Why on earth would they want to have skin like mine?

    Food. I learned that whenever you see a row of tin pots, that means it's edible somewhere. A type of stew, which I lived on, and seemed somewhat more wholesome than the deep-fried Jolibee food based on American recipes. Lechon Manok meant roast pork or chicken rough hacked off some animal and put in a plastic bag. Soup was also served in plastic bags, so keep fingernails trimmed! Seafood was very expensive and mostly fed to Americans.

    Gambling. I was forever being invited to play Mah-Jong for money before I had learned the rules. I disappointed them somewhat when I insisted I learned the rules before I parted with my money! Everywhere you see and hear pampered cockerels, treated with the same fuss as toy poodles in Paris. Never saw many hens, but there were always eggs in the market for sale, so they must have had them.

    Religion. Since I am a Catholic, I often went to Mass, which is a heaving sweaty huddle of bodies, with P1 candle sellers outside. If you get a seat, it probably has to be given up to some old person, like reaching the same holy grail on the Northern Line in London in rush hour. All the saints are exquisitely dressed in frilly costumes.

    I find Pinoys and Pinays joyous, helpful, irresponsible with money and time, chaotic, pious, rarely show anger, and good company.

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    Human. Diversity is the spice of life. I love Filipinos, just like I love every other race. We are all the same.

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    Caucasian (mix of Russian, English, Scottish and I think German) and East Indian. Born and raised near Vancouver, Canada and temporarily living in the Seattle area.

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    Most of the Filipinos I've met are very sexy and exotic looking.

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    Fellow humans.

    I enjoy the differences in cultures and love learning about them.

    Every culture has elements of good and bad contained within, but I believe most people are willing to become friends, given the chance to meet. It's only in closed societies that it becomes "us against them" to the extreme.

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    The birthplace of Manny Pacquiao

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    All Filipino men iv met have been homosexual or atlest for most part my friend arvie is Filipino and hes gay lol

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    i haven't even seen a filipino person for years lol....but the ones i knew growing up were really sweet.

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    Never met them. If they're anything like the Moluccans I do know, they're great.

    They're inhabitants of a few islands which almost share my name.

    Source(s): Dutch.
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    They're people from the Philippines. The end.

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