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I love my budgie but?

Do you wish they made plastic pants for them? It's just the pooping, especially when they drop one on you lol

My budgie is out of his cage most of the time. Sometimes when he's flying around he leaves me a present. On my jeans this morning. Be great if they could wear pants of a mini nappy.

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    You're not going to believe this (but it's absolutely true)....they DO make plasic diapers for pet birds (even budgies)!!! I love mine, a long time ago I looked it up and they call them "flight suits". The plastic/rubber-like outer diaper is reusable, and costs about $19. Then you will need to buy "inserts" for the outer diaper---which are disposable. These cost a bit less. They make them in all different sizes! If you have a budgie, you'll want to buy the "petite" size. It fits under the birdie's wings (so it can still move about, like normal. Just like a little baby! If you do a "Google" search, there are probably several different sites to buy these on (the one I'll mention takes Paypal...which I think is the most secure way to buy, online, if you're interested)! They are cute and convenient, if your little bird friend will be out of its cage with you, for a while. There are all kinds of accessories that go with the flight suit...I'll let you discover these for yourself...but this website also has some very cool treats and birdie toys that will delight your feathered friend! :^ ) Site is: If you type in "flight suit" under the left hand column search bar, it will take you right to them.

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