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A few questions about that dedication (JoS-flavoured Spiritual Satanism)?

~ The candles, to they absolutely have to be lit? I know it says to burn the paper on which the prayer words have been written and etc., but if you don't have access to fire-makin' fiery things, would folding it up and 'giving' it to a river work as well, at all?

~ Blood is blood, no? Do you have to prick your finger, or can you get it from elsewhere (ie. I habitually bite my lip a lot to the point where it becomes a bloody equivalent of a juicebox. Would that count? Or even menstrual blood, for the sake of asking, even though it's full of uterine lining and horror)?

Okay, so technically speaking it was only a couple of questions.

That said, unrelated nonsensical answers telling me to 'turn to the light/Jebus/Yahweh/Allah/reed the Bible/etc.' and other Christian-or-Xian-flavoured thangs, or variations of, will just be ignored and/or giggled at and possibly mocked with my IM buddies. Same with skeptic 'lolwtf none of that exsissts', though that won't necessarily be mocked because it isn't half as amusing. </3 Just sayin'.

Bonus questions!

If I remember correctly, the site states that Satan and co. are Nordic extraterrestrials, right? And Yahweh is a gray and so on or something, damnit it's too early to think. ANYWAY, that's greys are nordics. If I'm thinking about the same site. If not ignore, but otherwise... What about,


Those praying mantis aliens that I read about once, assuming that series of articles wasn't just some story that I failed to recognize as such? ( (also, they're cute, can't help but mention))

And the various other races that have been 'documented'/supposedly encountered, etc?

ffffff hopefully this doesn't send twice, Yahoo! is being fussy with me


@Fireball -- Specific questions looking for *related* answers... I am not looking for a debate. Thus I don't care about those who disagree. It's like signing a petition only to comment against said petition (see: petitiononline). Though my analogies kind of suck... Simple, isn't it? ]: Well, I initially thought so.

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    1 decade ago
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    no they is sad you threaten mocking when someone disagrees with you...this is very dangerous..and too long!!!!!!!!!

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