I have this.... friend. He downloads movies and music here and there. Is he wrong to do so? why?

ok ok ok, all regular arguments aside (not just because its illegal or immoral) why should "my friend" not download movies or tv shows, he buys dvds and box sets of the movies and tv shows he really enjoys and obviously does not buy any products from the ones he does not care for. There are so many "bad" movies out there these days (i understand "bad" is merely a matter of opinion when the argument is about the arts but its the easiest way to describe the movies he does not enjoy) so wouldn't the lack of dvds and theatre tickets sold along with decreased sales for bad tv show box sets send the mesage to the people making these poor products. Give me a real reason as arguement to stop downloading. Is his downloading hurting anybody? Maybe the small dvd shops, owned buy people and not corporations, but i have seen a special edition disaster movie dvd for 22 bucks in places like that. whos hurting who. and rental places? it costs 9 bucks to rent a new release where i live. its a hard question. any feedback?


where we live a cd isnt 12.95. ur lucky if a cd is 19.95. new releases are usually around 25 bucks. with tax 4 cds can cost over 100 smackers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I understand it doesn't seem like it's harming anyone, but what if *your friend* grew corn and he had a lot of it, he sold it for $20 a bag, and I came by one night and took a bag. He might not miss the corn, but he's out $20! It's the same thing. Also, piracy is an excuse politicians in Europe and the US are using to try to filter the web. Bad news for everyone!

    Source(s): Informative video about what they want to do to the internet: http://bytestyle.tv/content/acta-internet-users-gu...
  • 1 decade ago

    I think this country over pays celebrities and sports players, and tons of other people who really dont deserve it. If anything, our law enforcement, military, and the people who take care of this country and protect its freedoms should be getting all that money. If he is not contributing his 12.95 for a CD to the millions that some singer already has, then all the more power to him.

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