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Why people of the U.S.A. fears/hates communism?

If you are from the U.S.A. do you hate/fear communism? yes? no? why?

Please, no short answers like "because it doesn't work" or something like that, no trolls please, I just wanna know the opinion of the non-government people.

Also if you could please say if you're republican or democrat or something else.

BTW I'm not from the U.S.A. nor I live there


OK so I'm gonna have to point out what I thought was allready evident:

I wanted to know if you hate or fear communism and why, with a basis, an explanation, not just rant, the closest was Lou, and some idiot told me not to choose my answers,then what? maybe someone can answer with the word "pancake", you do know the point here is to try to fulfill the question of the asker right?, and also everybody assumed I was trying to convert you, which I'm not.

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    The major problem with communism is that in its purest form, it rewards poor work ethic.

    Allow me to explain....

    Let's say you are a university student and you want the class conducted in a communistic fashion. That would mean that everyone must do his or her best to achieve their best, but the results would be shared by everyone. So, in a small class of 15 students, some study very hard and do their best to make good grades/scores on their tests. But others are not as smart and are also somewhat lazy. The results of the first test for the class might be 95%, 90%, 85%, 80% and 70% on the first test. The average score would be 85%. So, that is the score that everyone must "share" after the first test. At the next test, most of the students do well, but the one laggard decides to go out partying and not study for the test. The results are 95%, 90%, 85%, 80%, 50%. The score this time is 80% when divided equally. The smart students that are scoring in the 90% range are not happy...as they were going to graduate with high honors, but now see that their class score/grade will be lower than what they are used to. The result? They decide to not work as hard in the class in terms of studying for the next exam. A third test is taken, and the results this time are 85%, 85%, 80%, 80% and 50%. When divided equally, the score that each student will receive will now be 76%. At this point, the below average student knows that he has it made! He doesn't have to study at all, but will still receive a passing grade for the class, because of the "sharing" that goes on. But also...those students that were working hard and scoring in the 80% range, are now dissatisfied that their hard work is now producing a lower score because the "fruits of their extra labor" are being lost in the numbers because the poor performance of one student. The forth test is given, and this time the scores are 80%, 80%, 70%, 65%, 50%. The "shared" score for each student is now 69%. Now the really good students are angry! While they are no longer working as hard as they used to, they also realize that the rest of the class doesn't care either! Their dream of going to graduate school is going to be ruined. At this point the frustration is shared by the entire class. When the fifth test is given, no one bothers to study for the exam at all. The results come back as 75%, 70%, 60%, 60% and 45%. The score for each student in this "communist" class is now 64%. The very best students in the class are now watching their grade point average plumment!

    If we ran every class at a university the way I just described above, and did it for a long period of time...the students would learn that their extra efforts at studying will not be rewarded. And, those that never cared to begin with, will also realize that they will get the same grade as everyone else, regarless of how hard they try.

    What I have just described is communism. While it is never instututed in schools (even in communist countries), this is the basis of how the "system" works in communist nations. "Each according to his or her ability. Each according to his or her need." Pure communism. It does not reward the extra effort or any sort of creativity. Risks are not taken...because there are no rewards for taking risks. Columbus would have never set sail to the west. The USA would have never ventured into space travel. Just play it safe, do the least amount of work possible, and your government will reward you the same as your neighbors.

    The other flaw with "real communism" in the world, is that it has a hard time being "pure". Most communist governments talk about how they are for the people. But, when you look at their political leaders, they use fear and violence to get people to be their slaves. The man that was the "father" of the Soviet Space program had spent time in a gulag in Siberia....he was previously accused of crimes against the Soviet Union by a coworker. The charges were false, but his trial only lasted 5 minutes in the Soviet People's Court, and he was sent to a forced labor camp. It was only when the government realized that he was the smartest rocket scientist they had, they they agreed to release him from the labor camp.

    In some ways I can keep a very open mind and possibly admire Fidel Castro for having "balls". After all, how does a little nation that is only 90 miles from the coast of Florida USA, manage to keep the Americans out of their political affairs? Impressive stuff. Right? Some might say that he is the George Washington of Cuba. After all, that is precisesly what Washington helped to do. He fought a revolution against an imperial power (Great Britain) to gain the freedom for his nation...so that other nations would not meddle in our affairs. Is Fidel Castro the George Washington of Cuba? Well, he proved that he is not. He has handed over the goverment to...his brother...Raul Castro! That's not what I call

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    Communism SELLS the idea that everyone is the same, entitled to the same ..etc. The citizens are to believe/understand that they are what will make their country strong ..the people are the nation! It is a ploy/scam in that the Government really wants to control and use the population to acquire both power and wealth.

    .... The only $$money any government gets is from taxes and trade. The population can be taxed or controlled .

    Once the Government obtains control , the leader/plus the government elites are able to control everything! The people can be told where to live, what work they will do, what they will be allowed to read, eat, receive etc. The government then strips the wealth of anyone or business (to serve the nation) The best/brightest can be found, removed to "schools" adults can be assigned to upper level jobs, the rest of the people can be assigned to serve. In short, the population is used to fuel the government. The population is managed such that the cost to maintain the people can be decreased in many ways. People can be forced to live where the Gov wants/needs them... ( some will be assigned to grow food, others will be forced to do other necessary tasks /families can be broken up . Living quarters can be assigned ( people can be crowed together ) The goal of the government is to reduce the cost ($) needed to provide for the population which in turn then allows the government to obtain/retain more $$ . The people in are turned into serfs and will toil for the "good of the nation" Everybody should be happy/proud as they all work to keep the nation "great"! Dissenters can be eliminated or used ( plant crops, clear snow,) wages are controlled as is the availability of products (such as food, other things like power, books, clothing material etc)

    In the end the people are miserable serfs who will serve till they die and the government and the elite class will thrive, (enjoy many "extra luxuries",power, ...) It becomes a cruel life ! If there is a crop failure or bad weather, the population will suffer (some will die) but the leader/government officials/elites will not.

    The people are the cash cows , “... a classless, socialist society in which private ownership has been abolished and the means of production and subsistence belong to the community.”

    Americans believe that the population is the greatest resource a nation can have.FREE people work, own property/businesses, can use their energy, drive curiosity to find new/better ways to do things . The Government in the USA restrained by the US Constitution. The USA Constitution was designed to prevent the government from dictating what a person can or cannot do, where they will live, what job they ill be allowed to do, etc.

    People can live choose what they want to do ,how they will support themselves, their family.

    The people have the power NOT the government. Our government officials can be voted out of office ,impeached or jailed.

    Americans dislike communism because it oppresses the people.

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    We are fortunate to have a lot more freedom than people living in any Communist Country. We know the reality of Liberty and the reality of Communism. We prefer Liberty. Communism is a seriously flawed system based on the false premise that everyone is equal and shares equally in a nation's wealth. This is not true. It is actually a system of two classes, the small but all powerful ruling class and the huge but powerless proletariat. Communism does not respect individuality nor value individual life. It concerns itself only with the "collective". In America, all men are Created equal and have rights that are theirs by birthright. These rights come not from any government of man but from God. That is very important because they, therefore, cannot be taken away by any government of man either.

    Economically speaking, Communism, Socialism, Fascism etc. are all just fancy words for systems of rationing existing wealth. Capitalism is the only system that actually generates wealth. That is also very important. It explains why, China, for instance, could not even feed its own people under the Communist system but with Capitalist reforms is now experiencing great economic growth and the emergence of something no Communist society ever had before; a middle class.

    The emergence of a middle class is very important as well. With a middle class, the poor have something they never had before; hope. There is now a ladder of hope that offers the poorest of the poor the opportunity to pull themselves up.

    We hate Communism because we understand Communism. People are not animals on a farm to labor all their lives for bare sustenance. They are designed to be free to pursue their dreams, to select their own path to pursue happiness as they define it. Freedom is power and wealth is power. People should control both themselves, not some bureaucrat or party official.


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    Communism is evil. It requires the virtuous to give their wealth and property to the wicked. As no reasonable person will do this willingly, the government must take it by force. Instead of protecting the rights of the people (rights = life, liberty, property... nothing else... anyone who says people have a right to electricity, etc., is an idiot at best), government becomes a great thief, robbing disarmed victims legally. If you look at history, all communism results in mass murder. It is the only logical end for such a vile ethos.

    I am not a Republican or Democrat; I am an American, and I fight for the principles that my nation was built on.

    Are you from Venezuela? I have no idea, it's just a wild guess.

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    kid listen and listen good!

    former communist youth here (Pionero, Cuban American) who LIVED under it the first 14 years of my life!

    it does NOT work, it stifles the competition, the growth of a nation, no freedom, no way of making your dreams become real, why?

    because under communism the government controls EVERYTHING...., even what career you have to pick in college, since your aspirations are not that important but the collective is!

    and so your life is NOT your own, you have very few rights and lots of responsibility to the government they demand a lot of you and your life in the end is nothing....

    also, it kills the incentive to do more, since because everyone is equal, no matter how much you bust your butt the next guy over will get about the same for doing mostly nothing!

    I know I was lucky to escape and come here were I made a new life here kid!

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    True communism as opposed to Marxism and Stalinism, (Ugh!) is OK and can be successful in small doses.

    The best examples are the Kibbutz system in Israel, and farmers' co-ops.

    Both are true communism and work.

    If the US had hated Hitler in 1939 as much as it seems to hate communism today, the second world war would have been over years earlier and many innocent lives would have been saved.

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    Americans are under the assumption that communism is a political system that is very bad and has resulted in mass murder everywhere it is.

    That is only marginally correct.

    Pure communism is a wonderful system in a small environment, but unworkable in a large society.

    Communism is truly equality for all, equal pay, equal representation, equal rights, equal possessions, equal everything. But it takes away all incentive to excel, results in society stagnation and ultimately boredom and backwardness.

    If the world was communist today we'd just be emerging from the horse and buggy days, not because of innovation, but because of the massive amount of horse shiiit that 6+ billion people and the horses needed to transport goods, services and people.

    China went from a Communist/socialist system to a capitalist/socialist system in the span of about 30 years, because they figured out the Communist/socialist system resulted in stagnation and lack of innovation.


    Source(s): . I am an American
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    I neither fear nor hate it. It's simply an unacceptable form of government due to the curtailment of individual rights.

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    Historical speaking, communism has been the government of choice for oppressive governments. I had a room mate at college that was from China and he hated his government and swore never to return. Thousands died under Stalin and millions under Tao. If you want to know of the cruelty that flourishes under it's rule talk to former POW's from Vietnam.

    I have never had anybody show me a communist country that the people were happy with their rulers.

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    People in the US have been taught that communism is evil and most of them believe it.

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