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中翻英: The air fare of CX has raised the price almost NT200 this month. I suggest that we can change flight to BR0876 for your approval. if it's possible, I will ask our agent to handle it.

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  • tzylan
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    The air fare of Cathy Pacific is going to hike up NT$ 200 approximately. We suggest you consider to fly with Eva Air BR 0876 instead. If this is acceptable for you, I will ask the travel agency to take care of it.

  • 婷婷
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    because of the Cathay Pacific Airways ticket price rise nearly NT200, it is recommended instead, you can give a ride to Eva Airways flight BR0876, if applicable, please help me change the class of travel agents.

  • Art
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    The air ticket of Cathy Pacific increases about NT$ 200 per person.

    I suggest you to take Eva Air BR 0876 instead

    Please confirm your aeecptanc and I will ask travel agency to change accordingly.

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