How much does looks matter to you in a relationship?

If your a girl please mention your a girl. The same thing for guys.

Rate from 1 to 100 on how these factors affect if you go out with someone of not:

how important it is for a guy/girl to look hot in a relationship.

how important it is for their job or position in life (position in school if you still go to school i.e. nerd, outcast, jock).

how important their ethnicity is.

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    1 decade ago
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    I am a guy.

    Do looks matter? Well, to be honest, there has to be something to attract me to them.

    Job and position in life? No, not really. Positions in school mean nothing, and when you graduate you find out that some of the coolest people were the most unpopular in school. A job has a certain value to me, because I can't get in a relationship with a crack dealer or something, but I am not like "Whoa whoa, you arent a doctor or a lawyer? Well then I am sorry, I can't date you".

    Ethnicity? Not important.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a girl

    I like my guy to atleast take care of himself- although by everyone elses account my fiance is not good looking. I love him though and can find good things about him physically. But he isn't all that attractive- honestly. However he IS the one I think about all day and picture when I masturbate so...

    50 for the looks

    Position in life is most important thing in these 3 things listed. I don't care if my guys a nerd or whatever as long as he's good to me I'm ok with that. I do like a well educated man though and that is at the top* of MY list. Show me a docrate degree paper and yep I find that Sexy in its own weird way.

    So I'd say a 90+ for that

    Etnicity would be least important- my fiance is Filipino- didnt even move here until he was in his mid twenties and although I have to occasionally make him repeat hiself because I don't understand that's really the only problem- you gotta atleast know english:) There is a posibility there may be some people from some countries that I may not give a chance though- some asian countries- for the obvious reasons like most of them tend to not treat women as equals. And I think I've developed a sour taste for anyone from Afganistan or Iraq- Sorry

    So I'd say 20 for that

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