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Leuve asked in SportsMartial Arts · 1 decade ago

tai chi?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

cansomeone gimme like asummary about tai chi and why is it important and such stuff..history..origin...scientifc tihngs..ya know..just help meh plz..and sry my spelling is way too messed up XD..im just bzy XD thx advance...and im not gonna say guys...cuz i feel sexist o.0 imma say thanks girls HAHA..jk

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    Why don't you do a google search?

    What you are asking for is way too much to post here.

    So do your own research - okay, dude?

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    Simply, tai chi chaun is a chinese internal martial art that dates back to the year 1600. its mainly practiced by health conscious people and taught by people who have not been taught the martial applications. every move in tai chi has and attack and a counter and when training push hands (two person) you learn sensitivity (to feel intention) and how to counter and attack your opponent, counter upon counter upon counter.

    its practice slowly because there is a lot of subtle small details to the forms and practicing slowly allows you to be able to feel how it works as you are generating power by being relaxed and using gravity, tension (tendons become like elastic bands) and breathing (compression). as you gain skill in tai chi you can use it full speed.

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    cuz i'm waytoo buzy toanswr dis question on acount imbzy at wok. try google the words Tai Chi ant them amswers be comint to ya!

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    o hai dood, taichi wuz like invnted in chna in like 2k to 1k yrs ago lolz111!

    itz hard 2 find real teacherz k, bt if u can, it teches u balance and pwr thru stance and breathing n maybe u can pwn othr peepz lol1111!1

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    it's like yoga, but less stretching

    Very peaceful and relaxing

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    tai chi iz liek all bullcrap an stuf dawg, u lern to stnd arrowned waving handz lik a homo, lolz!!!

    u shud taek THAI chi, it haz like 3lbows an niece to da face XD

    know need for thx, lol, cuz i liek helping, 10 pnts plz, thx :P

    TTYL mang, LOL HAHAH jk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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