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Christmas List Help...?

Okay so I need help with my Christmas list for this year! My parents are divorced so they each give me a separate Christmas. Money has been kind of tight on both sides so I'm stumped and I feel bad asking for a lot from either. My Dad usually buys me the more expensive things like electronics and my Mom buys me more of the clothing stuff. I have 2 separate *dream* lists and I need help eliminating some stuff!


-Uggs $140

-iPod Touch $299

-Home Alone 1&2 $20 for both

-The Lost Boys 1&2 $13 for both

-Happy Gilmore & Billy Madison bundle $15 for both

-A marshmallow gun $23 I know it may seem silly but me and my Dad have wanted one for a while :]

-A t-shirt $20

This totals to $550 which is less than my previous Christmases. I also would like a button maker with supplies which comes out to about $340. It's for an online business I'd like to start.


-A new robe $50

-Bras and underwear $50

-New flats $20

-Sweater $20

-Another sweater $22

-Pajamas $20

Hers comes out to about $182 but she also spends about $50 on stockings. I went easier with my Mom because she has a lot of hospital bills to pay for right now and she said that I have about a $250 limit which I didn't hit and I don't plan to go any further.

I feel bad asking for so much but I need new clothes and stuff and I would definitely use everything I get like I always do.

I am also spending well over $150 of my own money buying gifts for other people as well. That's all I have.

Can you help me maybe eliminate some stuff off either list?

Thanks and no rude answers please!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Here's some ideas:


    Mario Kart Game- Wii

    Clue Board Game: Secrets and Spies


    Nintendo Dsi






    Door Beads

    Amazon Kindle



    Things to decorate your room with

    Comforter for bed

    Photo frames


    Instrument like the guitar


    Straightener, Hair products

    Concert tickets


    Maybe something like Soccer lessons or some sort of sport or instrument ? You can get guitar lessons?

    There's also this alarm clock called "Clocky" search it on youtube or google. It wakes you jumping out of your bedside table and running around your room until you get him. It's pretty cool!

    Oh and there's this site called it's a site with a bunch of experiences you can buy, there's 2 day spa, days, flying lessons, skydiving, Cruise! I'm getting something from there for my parents!

    Your probably do have a lot of this stuff, but there's not much else haha.

    Hope I helped & Good luck


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    From the "Dad" List, I would TOTALLY not get Uggs. Trust me, $140 is too much for shoes that aren't even worth it. Not trying to be rude, I promise. It's just that you can probably find the exact same shoes for like $100 less, haha.

    And kind of the same for the "Mom" list. I'm pretty sure a new robe doesn't cost $50. There are some really nice robes out there that are far less and are still nice and snuggly :-) Not talking about the "Snuggie" HAHA

  • 1 decade ago

    Okay here you go

    don't get a new robe (birthday gift) also you really don't need one just use a towel mean while + you have one already don't you

    Get 1 sweater (dont wore it out and you'll be okay)

    They're some flats that cost $10 and they are really nice and don't look like their price

    As for your dad I know they get you the expensive stuff (same with my dad)

    Don't get that gun (wait till your birthday)

    Ipod touch how bout an Ipod nano since its cheaper

    Movies are good price that all I can think of

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For your dads you could ask for a zune, mp3 or mp4 player or a Ipod nano or Shuffle all of which can be much cheaper than an i pod touch. Same goes for the Uggs which you can get a knock of pair or for less than half the price.The dvds all sound good and you could find them for cheaper if you buy them used at Blockbuster or another Video store. As for your moms house you could try to find one better deals too. I recently bought 2 full pyjamas sets and a robe for $30 at a LaSenza (Victoria secret in canada) outlet. Same with bras and underwear i got 10 pairs of underwear and 6 bras for $35, if your willing to spend a bit more time looking its totally worth it.

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  • 4 years ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    eliminate uggs, one of the movies, and one of the sweaters

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