How do you solve this problem using special segments of triangles?

Given segment BD is an angle bisector of angle ABC, the measure of angle ABC is 4x-6, the measure of angle DBC is x+6, and the measure of angle AEC is 2x-9. Find the measure of angle ABC. The answer should be 30.

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    wait AEC??? wer did E come from and are you give anymore info?

    ok so like if ABC= 4x-6 and BD bisects ABC den ABD and ABC are congruent because of da bisector defenition so *2x-4* + *x+6* is equal to 4x-6 and if yew do da algebra equation 2x-4+x+6=4x-6 den yew solve it to get x=3 and den yew plug it in to 4x-6=ABC and yew get 4(3)-6=6 so itz 6 but im not so sure cuz it looks wrong just do dat and ask ur teacehr for help afterwards

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    Special Segments In Triangles

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