I want to start a Design company. Do I need a license or permit (I live in iowa) how much are they?

I wanted to start a web design company which does, logos, banners, some coding work and wanted to know If I needed to get a business license to do this? And is there anything else I need to obtain or fill out to do this aswell? If so where can I download them or get them from?


I dont need to go to college just to run a business. lol..

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    No, it doesn't appear that you need to obtain a license or a permit if you're the only employee because your business would be considered a sole proprietorship. In the state of Iowa there are no statues governing the formation of a sole proprietorship (http://www.sos.state.ia.us). Of course, any money you do receive from your business must be reported in your income tax return.

    If you plan on growing your business in the future by hiring others, then you would need to obtain a business license (https://blic.iowa.gov) and also apply for a state employer identification number.

    Hopefully some of this information was helpful to you. Good luck with your business!

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    You need to go to college to learn to start Marketing and run a business.Im not sure about a permit but you do need to go to college/University.I hope I helped a bit.

    Source(s): I went to a University tour on Marketing such as Fashion Marketing and you need to go to college to get basics then University to do Marketing and such!
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    idk about that but i wish you luck and may you succeed in what your doing

    Source(s): peace and love......always
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