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Help with Villanelle!?

I have to write a villanelle. But I can't come up with a good topic. Help please! Does the topic have to be about something depressing and weird? Give me some ideas.

If you have ever written any villanelles, can you please share it so I can get an idea.


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  • Walker
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    1 decade ago
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    Write something such as : At the end of the day, Born to Fail, Dark clouds etc.

    Some of the known Villanelle poems are :

    “The Art of Losing” by Elizabeth Bishop,

    “Villanelle After a Burial” by Stephen Cramer,

    “Do Not Go Gently into That Goodnight” by Dylan Thomas.

    A Dialogue between Caliban and Ariel

    By John Fuller

    Chatty Cathy Villanelle

    By David Trinidad

    Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night

    By Dylan Thomas

    During the Service First appeared in Poetry

    By Carrie Grabo

    Grand Central, Track 23

    By Elizabeth Skurnick

    In Memory of the Unknown Poet, Robert Boardman Vaughn

    By Donald Justice

    Lissadell First appeared in Poetry

    By Wendy Cope

    Looking In at Night

    By Mary Kinzie

    One Art

    By Elizabeth Bishop


    By Rita Dove

    from Punchinello in Chains: VI. Punchinello Dreams of Escape

    By William Logan

    Sad Boy's Sad Boy First appeared in Poetry

    By Charles Bernstein


    By John Fuller

    Subject To Change First appeared in Poetry

    By Marilyn Taylor

    Sugar Dada First appeared in Poetry

    By J. Allyn Rosser

    The Freaks at Spurgin Road Field

    By Richard F. Hugo

    The House on the Hill

    By Edwin Arlington Robinson

    The Lie

    By Anne Waldman

    The Madness of Emperors

    By George Bradley

    The Waking

    By Theodore Roethke

    Three Six Five Zero First appeared in Poetry

    By Conor O'Callaghan

    Video Blues

    By Mary Jo Salter

    Villanelle of Change

    By Edwin Arlington Robinson

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