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What do you think of these names?

These are some names of babies born at my local hospital

Grant Don

Quentin Isaac

Jacob Allen

Tyson Allyn

Andrew Matthias

Cade Michael

Allysen Naomi

Ariana LaRae

Riley Howard

Daxton Cole

Rayce William

Lucas Gerhardt

Kaden Lynn

Natalie Grace

Alivia Louise

Jacob Robert


Chase Allen

Jameson Thomas

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    Quentin Isaac is my favourite. Its a classic name.

    Chase Allen + Jameson Thomas are gorgeous too !

    You didnt have many girl names that I really liked but thats my opinion.

    For Girls I like names like...







    And for Boys I like












    Haha Im more of a guy name fan.

  • 1 decade ago

    Grant Don

    Quentin Isaac

    Jacob Allen

    Tyson Allyn

    Andrew Matthias

    Cade Michael

    Allysen Naomi

    Ariana LaRae

    Riley Howard

    Daxton Cole

    Rayce William- don't like it

    Lucas Gerhardt- the middle name is wierd

    Kaden Lynn- nice i guess, i don't really like it though

    Natalie Grace- i like it

    Alivia Louise- also nice

    Jacob Robert- Very nice

    Ethan- i really like that name

    Chase Allen-i don't really think those names work together

    Jameson Thomas- sounds really good

  • 1 decade ago

    Grant Don - Grant is ok. Dislike Don. Absolutely no flow, since both names are one syllable.

    Quentin Isaac - Fantastic.

    Jacob Allen - Nice. Dislike both names though.

    Tyson Allyn - Dislike Tyson. Hideous spelling of Allen.

    Andrew Matthias - Fantastic.

    Cade Michael - Adorable.

    Allysen Naomi - Hate Allysen. Hideous spelling. Naomi is gorgeous.

    Ariana LaRae - Ariana is nice. LaRae is disgusting.

    Riley Howard - Nice to see Riley on a boy.

    Daxton Cole - Daxton is made up. Cole is ok.

    Rayce William - Rayce is horrible. William is nice.

    Lucas Gerhardt - Dislike both.

    Kaden Lynn - Hoping this is a boy. Caden is ok, spelled correctly.

    Natalie Grace - Love Natalie. Grace is overused and overdone as a middle.

    Alivia Louise - Hideous, Ridiculous spelling of Olivia. Poor kid is going to be forever spelling her name. Louise is gorgeous.

    Jacob Robert - The end of Jacob and start of Robert rhymes. The name as a while is too sing-songy.

    Ethan - Nice.

    Chase Allen - Chase is disgusting. Sounds like a dog's name.

    Jameson Thomas - Nice.

  • 1 decade ago

    Grant Don- Not really a fan of either names.

    Quentin Isaac- Don't like Quentin. Isaac is cute though!

    Jacob Allen- My brothers name is Jakob, it's cute spelled either way though!

    Tyson Allyn- I love the name Tyson! Not " Allyn " though..

    Andrew Matthias- Very cute. I like both names. :)

    Cade Michael- Great flow, also both great names!

    Allysen Naomi- I prefer the spelling " Allison ". Naomi is nice.

    Ariana LaRae- Very cute name. Don't know about LaRae though.

    Riley Howard- I love the name Riley one of my favorites!

    Daxton Cole- Don't like Daxton at all! Cole is cute.

    Rayce William- Don't like Rayce. William is good.

    Lucas Gerhardt- Lucas is cute! Is Gerhardt the last name..?

    Kaden Lynn- I prefer Kaden for a boy...

    Natalie Grace- Very elegant, and beautiful classy name!

    Alivia Louise- I don't like either names.

    Jacob Robert- Love Jacob! Rober it okay.

    Ethan- Cute.

    Chase Allen- Very cute, good flow to it!

    Jameson Thomas- Don't like Jameson. I love Thomas!

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I love Cade Michael, Allysen Naomi, Ethan, Chase Allen and Jacob Robert

    I dont like Grant Don, Tyson Allyn, Ariana LaRae, Daxton COle, Lucas Gerhardt, Natalie Gace, Jameson Thomas, and Kaden Lynn.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow. Allen is rather popular for a middle name...

    Grant Don - I like Grant but not with Don. It's really choppy and doesn't flow well.

    Quentin Isaac - It's alright. I've never cared for Quentin, but I like Isaac.

    Jacob Allen - I like this one. It's nice and simple, not trendy or anything.

    Tyson Allyn - It's okay. I don't care for the name Tyson that much or the spelling of Allen.

    Andrew Matthias - My favorite so far. I really like the names Andrew & Matthias.

    Cade Michael - Eh. I don't like Cade very much. It's just not my style.

    Allysen Naomi - I don't like the spelling of Allison and I've never liked the name Naomi.

    Ariana LaRae - I like Ariana. It's a nice, underused name. I do not like LaRae though.

    Riley Howard - Riley is okay. It's not my favorite, but I don't hate it. Howard is odd. It's an older name and paired with Riley is sorta weird. But they sound alright together.

    Daxton Cole - I like Cole. Not Daxton.

    Rayce William - For real? Rayce? No thank you.

    Lucas Gerhardt - I like Lucas a lot and I would think Gerhardt is after someone.

    Kaden Lynn - I don't like the -aden names, to me they're masculine, especially this one. Lynn is okay.

    Natalie Grace - My favorite girl name on the list. It's a nice name. Natalie is alright and I like Grace.

    Alivia Louise - I like Olivia better, but this isn't too bad. Louise also isn't that bad. Kind of a lot of Ls though.

    Jacob Robert - I like it. I like this one better than Jacob Allen. I think both names are great.

    Ethan - I've never really cared for the name Ethan. It's alright though.

    Chase Allen - Again, I've never cared for Chase. I don't like the way the two sound together.

    Jameson Thomas - Not too bad. I like this one, but I like James Thomas better.

    My two favorites are Andrew Matthias & Natalie Grace.

  • 1 decade ago

    I like

    Ariana LaRae

    Natalie Grace

    Alivia Louise

    Jameson Thomas

  • 1 decade ago

    I like Andrew Matthias. I hate Rayce William. Seriously? Why would parents do that to their child?

  • 1 decade ago

    Allysen Naomi is such a cute name. That lil baby girl who has that name is lucky! I love the original spelling of Allyson to Allysen! Also, Naomi is a beautiful name :)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like kaden lynn its adorable kaden would also be a good name for a boy.

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