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NHL network question?????????????????

how many of you guys have the NHL network, where you get more of the games around the leaugue.

Do you get every single game throughout the season or what.

just wonderin because, it gets boring when my team plays on saturday then they don't play till wednesday, and theres no hockey to watch besides the few games on versus once in a while.

So i was thionkin of getting it for christmas

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    You might be thinking of the "NHL Game Center" or "NHL Center Ice" television package. You order it and you're subscribed, it is a bit expensive, but if you have the money you'll get all the games in a big chunk of channels. These channels ONLY play the games, so if a game is not playing, the channel will just show you a list of upcoming games. You'll likely get home team and away team broadcast channels. I can watch the Coyotes on FS Arizona, or FS Ohio (playing against Blue Jackets for example). Just depends on which telecasters you want to listen to.

    NHL Network is different, they play like three games a week at most I think. The have NHL related programs throughout the day, and NHL On the Fly which is recaps and highlights of games on that day, or the night before.

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    are you talking about the actual network or center ice? the reg network comes with any HD package. if you get center ice yes it does have every game.

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    center ice has allllllllllll the games that are going on live

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