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Can a cat get a cold?

My cat that I raised sense she was really tiny, the mother abounded her in my backyard. I brought her in and nursed her with a bottle for a while. Lately she has started sneezing and making weird noises like maybe she has a cold. Is it possible for a cat get a cold?? If so what can I do for her? I plan on taking her to the vet on Friday when I get paid, but until then?

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    Yes, in the sense that the cat will get the same or similar symptoms as you and I exhibit when we have a cold, but they do NOT have the same disease, just a relative. Diseases rarely cross species. When they DO, however, the results can be devastating. It is thought that is where HIV came from. Other primates have a similar disease and are immune to the effects. Humans, however, are not immune and do not develop immunity as we do with various other diseases like whooping cough, measles, mumps and chicken pox. It is a cliche, but true, that what does not kill you makes you stronger. AIDS is not killing as many as it has in the past, but that is not from immunity, but from medicines prolonging life by slowing the rate the infection spreads. Swine flu is an example. A very close influenza relative exists in pigs. And that close relative mutated in the right way to jump the species barrier and now we have a relatively new variation of influenza in the population. A while further back, there was a similar thought with avian flu. Influenza is a very persistent virus, rapidly mutating in the wild, which is why every year, you seem to get it again. So, YES, you cat can very well have a "cold" and you treat the cat exactly like you would treat yourself, fluids, rest, warmth. It's all just a matter of common sense. Do NOT give the cat any medicines that YOU would take. Just as medicines for animals have unpredictable results in humans, so does human medicines react in animals. Let the vet decide on any other treatment, you just keep the cat warm with ample food and water available. While you are at it, at the vet, get the cat immunized. There are several shots for various diseases that kittens need if they are brought in from the wild and you do not know the history.

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    Yea, cats can get a certain type of cold. For now just keep her warm in the house. Kudos, u r really a nice person haha.

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    Kinda it is called URI upper respiratory infection get her to the vet a simple dose of doxy will cure her in no time left untreated she could die it could turn into pneumonia

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    Yes, but it is not called a cold. She probably picked something up, which can hopefully be treated by the vet. If it worsens, take her to the vet ASAP.

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    They can get upper respiratory infections, like people can. So, she'll probably be put on antibiotics when you take her.

    Try to make sure she stays hydrated until Friday.

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    i think cats can get a could, you should give her chicken soup that helps me when i have a cold and keep her warm

    good luck

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