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Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen question?

so i just bought Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen and so far i have only read chapter 1. im trying to picture Auden in my head but i cant so i was wondering what does she look like? they havent really described her yet.

i also noticed that they mentioned something about Jason Talbot from The Truth About Forever so i was wondering are there any more characters from her other books that they mention?

so far i have read Someone Like You and The Truth About Forever :]


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please answer i would really appreciate it a lot! thanks again!

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    i can't remeber what she fully looks like but i imagine her having the same appearance as her mum with dark hair.

    all these are old characters referenced in along for the ride :)

    - Morgan and Isabel (friends of Colie) from Keeping the Moon (last chance), are good friends of Heidi's and help her plan the prom.

    - Jason Talbot from The Truth About Forever, Macy's old boyfriend, is a crush of Auden's who stood her up on prom night and does so again when prom is held for the town.

    - Macy and Wes from The Truth About Forever, are described when talking about Jason. He says Wes is a juvenile delinquent.

    - Nate Cross from Lock and Key, is mentioned as one of Auden's crushes also.

    - A waitress described as being like Colie with her lip piercing, from Keeping the Moon, serves on Auden in the cafe last chance and she also sees Norman.

    - A lady riding a bike described as being like Colie's Aunt Mira, from Keeping the Moon

    -Heidi, Auden's step-mother, wears a red stone-studded key necklace, like the ones made by Harriet in Lock and Key

    - The girls go to a club and hear a band sing what sounds like a grocery list. This is probably Truth Squad from This Lullaby singing "The Potato Song".

    - Auden describes going to Perkins Day, a private school that was also mentioned in Just Listen and Lock and Key

    - the cafe last chance in along for the ride, is central to her novel, in keeping the moon where Colie finds work, friends, love.

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    I just finished reading Along For The Ride, yesterday, actually. And I don't think it ever says what Auden really looks like, but I think she looks a lot like her mother, with dark hair and dark eyes.

    Also, Jason's the only character that shows up I think, but I haven't read many of her books so I don't know.

    Hope that helps. :)

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    properly it sort of appears like she likes those the place the relationships artwork out in the top. i might bypass with alongside for the holiday. somebody such as you became into truly sturdy, yet in the top, it became into greater of a friendship e book. i'm hoping this helps

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