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Why is Taylor Swift accepted by country music?

dont get me wrong i love taylor swift im even going to see her in concert next week, BUT, i am an even bigger country music fan and i know taylor swift just isnt a country singer like miranda lambert, dixie chicks, carrie underwood, shes pop so why does she still get accepted and recieve cma's and stuff?

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    Because the people in the industry in Nashville DO NOT LIKE COUNTRY MUSIC. They have set out systematically trying to destroy REAL country music and replace it with "their" definition -- as a result, bands that NEVER **EVER** considered themselves country such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Little Feat are now called "country" and people like the Eagles who literally cursed the notion of their 1973 album "Desperado" being called a "cowboy record" (I have the video of Glenn Frey doing exactly that) are now probably going to get in the Country Music Hall of Fame ahead of people like Al Dexter or Elton Britt, or even more modern acts like Connie Smith or Ricky Skaggs.

    She is not country. This question has been asked dozens of times here, and my answer is always the same: if you HAVE to ASK if someone is country or not, that gives you your answer -- they are NOT. Nobody has to ever ask if Hank Williams is country.

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    Taylor is assessed as us of a, particularly lots through fact proper now it is the sole type it is merchandising, and her label is in Nashville. to categorise her as pop, could recommend that pop music is merchandising at a intense fee, whilst in actuality it is not. Taylor, like many different so reported as us of a artists, are categorized in this type through region of their labels, and because their music would not slot in with excellent 40 in maximum situations. extra pop sounding us of a songs like choose you at present, do slot in on excellent 40 radio, yet truthfully have an superior objective marketplace on us of a radio. And the main's constantly the almighty greenback. As on your remark which you think of Taylor's voice is powerful sufficient for us of a music, I could desire to disagree. don't get me incorrect, i admire Taylor's music, yet her voice isn't proper for a childrens Christmas pageant. Her stay voice is horrific. the female in simple terms flat out can't sing. She's a particularly face who can sell information and make her label some money. vehicle-music is her best buddy and her label's savior. without it, she would not be around anymore, and if it weren't for the actuality that her songs are catchy and her degree teach is astounding, she would not be merchandising arenas out.

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    I don't know. She is not country at all in my opinion. The main singer in Sugarland wasn't country to begin with either. Her accent is fake. I like Carrie Underwood, but Cowboy Casanova is too rock and roll for my taste.

    Everytime I hear her on the radio, I change it.

  • I agree she is more pop than country... personally most of the new country singers arent country. like taylor insnt, carrie is, it also just depends on the song. because like tim mcgraw and some of her older stuff is country its the fame is getting to her head

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    If any artist is popular in more than one genre such as Taylor, she has a lot of country and pop fans, but other pop artists and such love these artists that are popular in more than one genre, because that is a huge opportunity to try to expand both genres fan base.

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    Taylor Swift is country/pop. She definitely has a country sound, whether or not she sings purely country songs.

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    she is still country......shes just what you would call "country-pop" yes it IS a real genera, carrie underwood is the same way in my opinion

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    she's pretty and country folk are open minded.

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