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Hi, I need help here!! I need to do a seminar on Hamlet, and mine is strictly on Fortinbras.?


please help!!!

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    With the throne of Denmark now vacant, Fortinbras is to be crowned ruler. This may be an allusion to the political situation of the day: at the time the play was written, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden were united under a single crown (see Union of Kalmar); also, England itself was ruled by King James I, ruler of Scotland, who claimed the throne by virtue of his blood relation to Elizabeth.

    As Hamlet, with a running time in the range of four hours, is seldom performed in its entirety, the role of Fortinbras is sometimes omitted, as it was in the 1948 film starring Laurence Olivier, in the 1969 film starring Nicol Williamson, and the 1990 film starring Mel Gibson. He was included, however, in the 1964 Broadway revival, which was later filmed as Richard Burton's Hamlet, in the 1980 BBC Shakespeare television production starring Derek Jacobi, in the 1996 film starring Kenneth Branagh and the 2000 film starring Ethan Hawke, although in the 2000 film, he is an enemy of business. In these films he was played by Michael Ebert, Ian Charleson, Rufus Sewell and Casey Affleck, respectively.

    Fortinbras also appears in the 1964 BBC television Hamlet, starring Christopher Plummer, and here he was played by Donald Sutherland, in what was his first important role.

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