What is a culturally sensitive doll?

They sent an e-mail around at work for the Holiday Toy Drive. They would like "culturally sensitive" dolls to be donated. Does that mean that a doll that appears caucasian is insensitive?

I know the guy that sent the e-mail is pretty cool and we chat and stuff and he did say to ask any questions we might have. The thing is, he's black and I'm white. So would it be insensitive for a white person to ask a black person for the definition of a culturally sensitive doll? I think he'd be OK but this is a government job and you really have to be careful.

Also, would it be wrong to give a white doll to a black or brown child? I cannot imagine a white child being adversely affected by a black doll. What do you think?



I just read it closer. They actually want culturally sensistive dolls, crayons, and books. So now I'm wondering what culturally insensitive books or crayons I must avoid. Any ideas?

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    I like the Dr. Seuss cat. It's not even human, so I think you're safe. It's a friggin' cat! Plus, I like his books. LOL. I'm such a dork!

    Or the fox in socks. This one is red.

    I like books more. Gets kids into reading...

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    That just means no human dolls--buy some cartoon character dolls and coloring books, like Bugs Bunny.

    It's a gov't office which means they've got a boatload of poor, yet obedient, minorities working there, as these types heavily rely on those jobs since the private sector is all about image and prestige, and the gov't knows this and relies on them (and their willingness to be abused with less pay) just as much, so they want to keep everything on an even keel and continue to get those papers pushed like they been gettin' pushed. ...in other words, receiving a bunch of white human dolls for Christmas is going to start them talking.

    Or if the charity isn't for the office, it's for the ghetto and barrio residents, and the gov't can't be seen forcing white culture down these people's throats--it increases crime and hate heritage and inspires political participation, which is bad for the wealthy class.

  • rick
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    this is the problem with political correctness. It is making it hard to even donate toys. I would skip the dolls and give unisex toys like jump ropes, cars and etch-a-sketches. The fact that you have to worry that you will seem racist to ask a person who is a different color than you just created more undue racial tension! I thought color did not matter. Who cares if a black kid gets a white doll or if a white kid gets an oriental doll. If we stop making a big deal about color maybe kids will stop caring about color and in a few generations racism will go away. Just a thought.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no way to determine what he means without asking, and any question that you ask is going to sound non-PC, so you might as well ask anyway. Which "culture" are you supposed to be sensitive to? If he gets annoyed at your question, then defend yourself by saying that the idea of "culturally-sensitive" is inherently racist and offensive to you.

    If you live in a major metropolitan area on either the east or west coast, then I assume that most of the poor people in your area will probably be African-American or Hispanic. Poor white people tend to live in rural areas, or in the "heartland" of America. That is probably what he means.


    A "culturally insensitive" crayon box will have a "flesh" colored crayon; a PC crayon box will not have a "flesh" color (they will call it "peach"). Hope that helped!

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  • 1 decade ago

    It means if you send in a caucasian looking doll, you have to add an African American looking doll; and a yellow one; and an orange one; and a brown one etc. It's about being PC when you send dolls/crayons etc for kids who'd not even know what PC means.

    The art-work at the entrance of my office has 8 different exhibits, each depicting a race -- that's their way of being culturally sensitive. Diversity in color!

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Since these organizations/clubs, etc., are commonly viewed as "culturally insensitive," I offer:

    KKK doll--Grand Dragon doll earns 1,000 bonus insensitivity points

    Right-Wing Religious Fanatic doll

    "Tea Party" doll

    Dick Cheney doll

    Militant Jihadist doll--except in Canada that might be on the "don't offend" list

    In general, anything caucasian, Christian, conservative and sexually unambiguous

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    Culturally sensitive would be one of dark color, Indian, Asian, Mexican...etc.

    I don't think it would be wrong to give a dark child a white doll and vice versa...I mean, it hasn't been that long that we've even had culturally sensitive dolls.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I work at a nursery and we have dolls in wheelchairs, ones with a white stick, black ones, white ones, chinese ones etc. We have to have ones of each different race or disability. That might be what they mean.

  • 1 decade ago

    By culturally sensitive, they are referring to "ethnic" dolls (i.e. African, African-American, Asian, Hispanic, Native American dolls)

    You can try finding things like black, asian, or hispanic Barbies & there are plenty of culturally sensitive cartoons like: Dora the Explorer, Little Bill, etc.

    Good luck!

  • ?
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    Maybe a pink or blue doll? One that doesn't denote color? I don't know, I think you're boss or whoever is taking it to the extreme. I mean, you're giving out of your pocket for someone else. Now you have to worry about offending someone as you do it?

    Extreme political correctness is ruining this country.

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