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What would happen if I punch a celebrity in the face law?

im 17 and i live in NJ what would happen hypotheticly if i knocked out a big time celebrity who is also under age say i knocked out justin bieber who is 15 what do you think my charges and troubles would be what is the law im breaking

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    You;d be charged with NJ's version of assault and child endangerment. You'd probably get treated more harshly because your case is more publicly visible. Also, regardless of your actual charges, you'd become a blog celebrity - Bieber fans across the web would have you named as "that illiterate jerk from Jersey", you'd become a monolog joke on SNL, and you can be sure that TMZ will follow you the whole way (10 meters really doesn;t give you much breathing room).

    Also, your criminal record would follow you for the rest of your life.

    You may have some help if you're charged as a juvenile - but even so, the benefits of a juvenile recrd (that it's sealed) will be nullified by the publicity you receive for being a 17 year old bully who beats up 15 year olds.

    Remember how much everybody made fun of Kanye West after he got into trouble at the 2009 VMA's? Well a couple of salient points.

    Kanye didn't commit a crime

    He didn't victimize a younger kid.

    Kanye is/was a celebrity - a lot fo people started out liking him.

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    It would be assault and battery (2-10 years in jail) regardless of whether the person you punched was a celebrity or not.

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    Assault and Battery and tried as an adult

    Possibly a large civil suit if that celebrity made money off of their looks

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    lol! What do YOU think would happen?

    Jeez... You'd most deffinately get an assault and battery charge, if whoever, decided to press them. And I'm almost certain they would. I would.

    And you'd be tried as an adult. Your to old to get that soft juvenile crap. :/

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