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People think that i'm 24!?!?! (PLEASE ANSWER)?


i'm only 21, and people always say I look 24, someone even said 27 :(

girls never want to look older!

is it hard to tell what a girls age is between ages 21-26?

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    Now days it's so different than when I was your age. Girls today look older...the make-up, the way they dress and the way they act. I work with a lot of girls in nursing school...all between 19 and 28. They look older than they are even though some act their can tell they are young. But looking at them you would be surprised they are as old as they are. You said they don;t want to look older. That is true once women turn 30.. But the ones I know WANT to look older, they like it. So it's o.k...if they think your 27 and your not. No offence should be taken by that. It only shows your maturity compared to kids your age. Be proud of how you look and how you act. Just don't let others take advantage of that fact.

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    What's the difference between looking 24 or 21?

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    People always have different opinions.

    I thought a girl was 14, turned out she was 19.

    I thought a girl was 21, turned out she was only 16 years old lmao.

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