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What is going on, am i pregnant or is it a fake pregnancy my mind made up?

What is going on, am i pregnant or is it a fake pregnancy my mind made up? and if it isn't real how in the world would i feel all these real symptoms like ones listed plus my breasts feel like im making nipples feel exactly like they did every time i was pregnant and made milk...feel like a hard pain in my nipples and right behind nipples and sore achy breasts and uterus too.

I had my i.u.d removed on the first day of my period on October 21st last month and my husband and i did the deed on November 4th and on the 11th, according to ovulation charts i was most fertile on the 4th and im tellin ya i was so wanting to mate with him i was chasing him around the house hahaha, he would walk past me and i wanted to pounce o him lie a lioness on a gazelle hah, but seriously i have been having some serious symptoms the last week, OK hers the list of really obvious signs i have had or am now having....

1. nausea, and at times almost to point of vomiting

2. mild small headaches

3. really tender achy breasts and nipple pain/tenderness

4. my bra feels tighter

5. my belly feels swollen like when i get bloated

6. i feel my blood pumping down in the lower half of my body a lot in abdomen.

7. really moody, and cry easily

8. i can smell things so much more then usual, i had to blow out my oil burner cause the smell was making me sick.

9. i cant use any form of nicotine without getting sick.

10. had loose bowels few days ago and now im constipated really badly.

11. OK heres the biggest one and i felt this before i even knew what it could be,..

on the 12th i went shopping early in the morning with my husband and since i woke up that day i had this really awesome happy feeling right above my pelvic bone where my uterus would be at, and i described it to my husband in the car that it felt like a happy tickling feeling in my belly that i never felt before and it made me feel like my body was filled with love and the world seemed better when i felt it. then it stopped the next day and that night i went on the internet and was looking around at pregnancy symptoms ad found a site and on this site i found a paragraph that sayd how some women but very few have described feeling the "implantation" process as feeling like" an angel is touching them inside their womb with the tip of her feather" and i started to cry like a baby when i read that because that described what i had felt exactly....i knew what it was then.

but then yesterday i had a blood pregnancy test done and it was negative..i started crying and got mad at the nurse and i was nauseous and threw up there....the getting mad at the nurse is not like please comment and do you think i took the test too soon?? or do you think my mind has made all this stuff up in my body? in my heart its saying im pregnant...but my husband keeps saying he doesn't think i am pregnant..maybe he is scared? thank you all for reading and please respond especially if you have any medical knowledge or personal; experience like what im having

thank-you, chassy k

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Although the mind is a powerful thing, it really sounds like you could be pregnant. Do not rely on home pregnancy tests- they are not accurate at all. They turn negative when women are positive etc.

    From experience, I took 12 home pregnancy tests and all of them came out negative... I'm now 29 weeks pregnant. So don't rely on them, and go get a blood test when you're further on - maybe wait 3 more weeks (yes weeks). It's going to feel like a long time but sometimes your HCG levels (pregnancy hormone) is too low to be detected. You know your body best- but play it safe and don't drink or anything until you know for sure.

    Good luck * sends baby dust!*

    Source(s): 29 weeks pregnant
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  • Erika
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    All kind of lies and deception corrode the vessels that convey them. Nobody is blameless right here, no longer even your "virginal" buddy for gambling alongside. All your peers need to form-up and begin being sincere with every different. No extra lies, tips, or deception (certainly over whatever as critical as pregnancy.) Be the grownup within the institution and inform your peers that the charades and insults need to give up. (You're all good in your strategy to under no circumstances speaking to one another ever once more.)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Blood tests are100% accurate. You're not pregnant if it came out negative. If it was too soon, your doctor would have told you so.

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  • 1 decade ago

    no med here but take over the counter prenagnt test. and relax baby will come one day. god willing

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