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Is the rate of rape,murder,illegitimate sex,adultery,divorce and other Sinful acts higher in western countries?

Compare and contrast the statistics of the following , (for the western countries) and thes contrast them to all the muslim nations of the world.

-rate of illegitimate sex

-rate of rape

-rate of divorce

-rate of suicide

-rate of genocide

-rate of alcoholics

-rate of crime

-rate of premarital births (babies born without wedlock)

what is the national statistics in the above categories for muslim countries?

Is there any solution to all the aforementioned problems????

As far as i am converned, Islam is the only religion that provides that very answer.

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    Probably because sexual repression leads to sexual obsession.

    I used to go to conservative churches that teach that abstinence crap, and I learned that the leaders of these churches actually crack jokes about 30 and 40 year-old virgins behind their backs. Now I just send my Christian friends to the site below which debunks the whole thing against premarital sex in the Bible. It covers same-sex lifestyles too. I hope it helps you.

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    - Illegitimate sex? C'm on, no consensual sex is illegitimate.

    -Rate of rape: Man, since you muslims value virginity in a bride to a pathological degree, we can only assume it's dramatically underreported in your countries.

    - Rate of divorce: Yup, sure ours is higher. But that's because we have alimony and child support, so women aren't forced to stay with abusive husbands.

    - Suicide? Similar rates.

    - Genocide? Let us not forget that the Armenian genocide was done by muslims, will ya?

    - Alcoholics? Sure, it's obvious if there is alcohol there will be some drunkards, but it's far from an epidemic, and at least we have the freedom to get a couple beers.

    - Crime: Most of our crime is non-violent, drug-related. Should we legalize drugs, our crime rates would plummet with no ill effects.

    Most of your crime is violent, and repulsive acts like honor killings are prevalent in your countries. Not to mention the terrorists. Or the beheadings and lapidations for small vices if you follow strict shariah. Or the intersectarian violence...

    - Premarital births: Are you fvcking kidding me? In a culture where the brothers would KILL their damn sister because she engaged in premarital sex or was not "conservative" or "modest" enough, wouldn't you systematically resort to either abortion (as we civilized beings do) or outright INFANTICIDE (as you savages probably would) to keep the family's "honor" intact?

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    1. Muslim countries do not supply reliable figures for these

    2. What id illegitimate sex? Sex between consenting partners is not a crime in my book.

    3. Rates of rape in countries such as Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria are quiet high, but it is rarely reported and it is the victim that is usually punished. The Saudi king recently had to pardon a raped victim who was sentenced to be flogged by a religious court because of the international outcry. Also none of the rapes or brutalisation of house maids from Sri Lanka or the Philippines in the Gulf states are considered crime, because they are unimportant and uninfluential kaffir. Is it any wonder that rape victims do not report their crimes.

    4. Unsatisfied with your wife? Just get another one.

    5. Suicide I don't know about.

    6. Genocide. Well I would ask the opinion of the Armenians, the non Muslims in Southern Sudan, the people of Dafur, the Kalash Kafir in Pakistan and the Baha'i in Iran. I think they would disagree with you on that one.

    7. Drug use in very prevalent in most middle eastern countries. Saudi and Iran have particularly high figures. Iran has just started a free needle program because the incidence of HIV/AIDS is sky rocketing.

    8. Which of these cities would you feel safe walking through at night: Islamabad, Cairo, Algiers, Marrakesh, Tehran, London, Paris, New York, Rome or Oslo. I have been to them all with the exception of Tehran and I felt a lot safer in the western ones than the Muslim ones. Street crime is rife in most of them. Also how come the largest and most violent drugs gangs in London are Muslim Turks and Kurds. Again, In common with with most totalitarian regimes, Muslim countries do not provide reliable statistics on crime as they wish to present a good image.

    9. pre marital births are rare probably because the women are locked away and the high incidence of honour killing among Muslim populations. I know it may be unislamic, but it does seem to occur very frequently in Muslim societies. There may or may not be some correlation with religion and that may be the extreme patriarchal nature of Islam as it is interpreted in most Muslim societies.

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    Oh please. Let's add one more to the list. What's the rate of UNREPORTED rape, illegitimate sex (whatever that means) and premarital births?

    The big difference here is that Western countries more accurately report these things. Muslim nations are notorious for not reporting things like this. Didn't someone once say there are no homosexuals in the middle east? Give me a break.

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    -Because our justice system has broken down, and there are so many frivolous lawsuits to go through. -Because we let criminals in here from south of the border -Because we parole potential repeat offenders and put them out into the streets to kill again. -Because criminals know that even if they are found guilty, they will get their 3 meals a day, free medical care, free A/C and heat, a shower every day, free legal from bleeding heart liberals who think that their clients are really the victims of society -Because prison is not a "penitentiary" or a "correctional facility".....prisons don't make life harder for their inmates, like having them work on the prison farm out in the hot sun, or making them work a chain gang regardless of the weather. Roads should be built by inmates, rivers should be dredged like they once were over 50 years ago, and other civic projects that we give to private companies that bid low enough. -Because we don't have MORE executions in EVERY STATE in the country. IF every state had hangings, or electrocutions, or a firing squad....and showed it on television for other inmates to see that the state means business....then inmates might think twice. -Because we don't have truth in sentencing. When a person gets 30+ years and only spends about 8 in prison, what message does that send to other would-be criminals?

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    These acts occur in most places including Islamic countries, you just do not hear about them as much. Religion is a choice. Most of the issues on your list are about a choice that is made by an individual and is not based on any religious practice.

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    LOL, Muslim countries practice mutilation and murder as punishments for breaking their religious laws. I saw a video of a 6 year old who was accused of stealing some candy. 8 men held his arm down and drove a truck over it. The boy wasn't even in the store. People who try to convert to another belief or who decide not to worship are burned to death, stoned or hung.

    Yes you have picked a great religion to follow.

    EDIT: I almost forgot; your belief lets little girls be forced to marry old men so a 9 year old can be married to a 40 year old (as long as he buys her from the parents). So how is that legitimate sex?

    Source(s): MA in Theology.
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    I find it very disturbing that a rape victim can be punished or worst yet, put to death, and the rapist walks free. That is what happens is most muslim countries. Where's the justice in that?

    Oh yeah two wrongs do make a right in their minds. Very strange and wrong in anyones book.

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    And that is your right to believe what you want. However, It is the countries where Islam is most in power that doesn't report these things. Islamic countries have the same if not worse things going on behind closed doors.

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