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    Growing up in Sanyi Township, Miaoli County, was born, from small to large parents to take care of our children at home can be said that in every possible way, in order to give our best, and they have been outside the hard work.

    Capacity for self-assessment, the use of SWOT analysis, done by a brief explanation. Before entering the workplace, students will strive to use their own strengths to resist threats and opportunities for further integration and self-formed to exploit the advantages of leverage to the limit, and take advantage of opportunities as far as possible to eliminate the weak, and further pursued to their own future and self-expectations to move.


    ◆ Good communication skills

    ◆ Information and Communication of the academic background of

    ◆ Information Management Foundation Training

    ◆ proactive learning attitude

    ◆ have the social experience


    ◆ combination of practical experience and theoretical

    ◆ have the potential for cross-cutting thinking

    ◆ international outlook outlook

    ◆ community needs for information integration of personnel

    ◆ extensive network of contacts


    ◆ excessive demands on the self -

    ◆ expertise specializes in the field compared to those who fall short

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    ◆ the slump in the larger environment

    ◆ the international trend of globalization, leading to a huge threat to potential competitors

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    Individual students in the information communication field have a certain degree of understanding and application ability, but the face of work practices in personal and interpersonal communication with a better understanding of when the computer and the Internet on the importance of modern man,

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    it can be hoped that in future employment to human-based, information capacity, supplemented by, for their own future to find a better sky

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    The Background to the parents to watch for the quick 24-year-old has as yet taken no bacon for the parents of their own mind deeply guilty. So in order to achieve the wish of the parents,

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    the students will be determined to give up studying in the Institute as soon as possible to join the society and make a contribution for their own homes heart, can do something for themselves for the future.

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