STS-129 possible landing site this month ?

Well tomorrow afternoon, Endeavour will be on it's next space mission to the ISS.

But with winter around the corner, Florida (Kennedy Space Center) weather constantly has a chance of heavy winds and showers. In California (Edwards Air Force Base), winds in the Mojave Desert, Palmdale, and Lancaster are steadily growing stronger, and has a slight chance of drizzle this time around. How many chances of landing does Endeavor and its crew have landing at KSC or EAB California ?.... If neither, they always have their landing site at White Sands, New Mexico. What landing site do you guys think Endeavour will land ?


Yyyeah my bad people, i had Endeavour on my mind a while ago.... it's Atlantis that's flying STS-129 not Endeavour.

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    the shuttle always wants to return to Kennedy Space Centre at it's missions end regardless of what the time of year is (spring summer, fall winter)... simple reason being is that KSC is where the shuttle's processing facilities are... if it landed anywhere else it could take between a week and a half and 1 month to get it back to Kennedy Space centre, possibly delaying the start of the next mission.. which is not what NASA wants to do based on the amount of flights remaining. by the way. it's Atlantis that's flying this month, not Endeavour

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    not a chance.. they will fail. Just watch, it will be all over the news.

    Source(s): NASA
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    1 decade ago

    i think it will explode just like the challenger

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    1 decade ago

    it wont lift tomorrow

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