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How should I plan a romantic honeymoon trip in Taiwan?

My boyfriend and I are planning our honeymoon trip to Taiwan around July (next year). We are not millionairs, but we do have a budget for this trip. We are planning to stay in Taiwan for 5-7 days. Where and what are some things that we could include in our romantic honeymoon trip (Yes, we want to make it romantic)? What should we be aware of? (Neither one of us has ever been in Taiwan before.)

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    I definitely agree with the answerer above me. I've answered questions similar to this, so I've copy and pasted them. Take a look, I received best answer for a couple of these : ).

    just went to taiwan this summer, to visit my friends there.

    I'm telling you, if you gotta go to one place in taiwan, its gotta be Hualian (花蓮) and Taroko(太魯閣) (which is around thirty minutes drive from Hualian. ) Its an amazing city along the east coast. You can either take the train or plane there. I recommend train, because its a more convenient means of transportation and you can even enjoy the view along the way. Especially if you're looking for good beaches, Hualian has the best. There was this one i went to that had almost no one on it, it wasnt like a vacation beach, but it was SO clean, and i swear, Ive never seen bluer, clearer, more pristine sea water in my life. Its just fantastic. I've got a few pictures....i really wish i can show them to you. Taroko is a small gorge, the air there is fantastic. If you're ever looking for a place just to bond with nature or whatnot, this is the place. When i went, I stayed one night at their village/tribes people hotel. The rooms were cabins, but it was fairly clean. In the morning, you wake up and you see mountains and blue sky. One word. AWESOME. Its called Leader Hotel. Heres a link.


    Parts of the stream that runs through the Taroko Gorge has the 4th most clearest water in the world. You can even go down there, take a dip, or whatnot. Lots of fun. Theres actually a lot of tourists here, but its just not that "known" for foreigners. But since i had friends who live in taiwan, i had the advantage. You can probably stay for 2-4 days in this area.

    Other places of interest in Taiwan:

    Lover's Bridge in Danshui ( go at night [: ) VERY ROMANTIC

    Taipei 101 (Its as good as it looks. Best would be to make a reservation on the restaurant up top. They have the best view at night. And delicious food.) VERY ROMANTIC

    Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)CUTE FOR A DATE : )

    Hope this helps and hope you'll enjoy your stay there! :]

    I know I had a blast in Taiwan. I could say it was definitely one of my favourite places!

    I went to Taipei this last summer....and it was....AWESOME. No jokes. Its best if you have friends in taiwan, so they can kinda be your tour guide(i had friends there), cuz natives there might try to trick you in some cases, such as haggling for a good price and whatnot.

    For transportation: cabs are your best bet. Some of the cab drivers may not know english, so you may need to write down the places you want to go.

    Places to go:

    1. TAIPEI 101 . Yes yes, people will say its great, but no, its AWESOME. You wont be able to feel it until you are really there. I went at night to have dinner on the 85th floor, and the view was breathtaking. Its a bit expensive...but its definitely worth it (: You may want to make reservations tho.

    2.Museums- if you're interested in history, you can take a look at the National Palace Museum. They showcase different things regularly; its not THAT fun, but educational.

    3. Night Life- You may want to go around the night markets, notably the Shilin Night Market. They have basically everything there. And...it only opens after 6. Great atmosphere, but you may have some trouble if you dont know mandarin. On the other hand, the food there is amazing ;).

    Also, theres a lovers bridge in Danshui's harbour that you can miss! Go at night. Its a pedestrian bridge and the scene is a beauty.

    4. If you're going in the summer/ sometime warm, and you have kids, you can try the waterpark called Formosa Fun Park.

    5. Wanna go somewhere hip? Try Ximending. Its kinda like a big mall/square that has a lot of stores and where all the young people hang out at. And...a lot of taiwanese celebrities hold mini concerts and stuff there. Another place is the east-district shopping area. LOTS of good shopping you can do there. Its around the taipei 101 area.

    Things to be aware of:

    1. People taking the opportunity to trick foreigners when buying things

    2. Haggling works in MOST (not all) cases.

    3.Stick together! Dont wander by yourselves, especially at night. Lots of people= can get lost.

    4.Be careful when you are joining guided groups...you may not get the best out of your money. So if you can speak even a bit of mandarin, it would be best if you guys planned your own trip.

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    Just to mean you can realize they've easy top velocity rail method to get round Taiwan. I had not up to per week and I traveled from Taipei the entire solution to Kending. So I'll inform you what I noticed Taipei: You will have to absolutely pass to one hundred and one. The National Palace Museum is relatively first-class too, however it will take awhile to head by way of the entire reveals. Although you'll be able to simply opt for which one you're excited by. The different most important matters to look within the town are the CKS Memorial and the SunYatsen Memorial. Taichung: Sun Moon Lake. There are buses that take you there, however I feel it takes a million-two hours. I simply shared a taxi for part the time given that we did not have a lot time. There's a wonderful lake and its relatively first-class if its no longer raining. There are buses that force across the lake, however my peers and I determined to simply stroll. There is a peacock lawn and a gigantic temple. There could also be an aboriginal village if you need to shop for any souvenirs. Alishan- Ok so we did not detect that our motel was once truthfully at the mountain. But when you do keep at a motel in Alishan. You must get up at 3AM to take a teach to the highest of the mountain to look the solar upward push round five-6. Then in a while you'll be able to talk over with Alishan park. You stated you desired to head mountain climbing. This is a well location. You stroll across the park and they've a couple of aspects laid out for viewers to look. It's a first-class stroll even within the rain. And it most effective takes a couple of hours. We then took the Alishan teach again into town. So I do not feel it will take an excessive amount of time. I have no idea a lot approximately some other towns sorry. Hope this is helping.

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    Romantic? Ok! ;^)

    So, get out of the hustle bustle of Taipei ASAP, and come to Hualien County on the East Coast (it's where the Taiwanese take economical vacations). If the weather gets too hot, the cooler mountain areas are only about 30 minutes away. There is beautiful Taroko Gorge National Park where you can swim scantily clad in the river in a remote area (it sure put my wife and I in a good mood [big smile]). You can wander in 100 acre flower gardens, eat fresh strawberries, watch an aboriginal dance festival, hop in a paddleboat and relax with a good book in the middle of a mountain lake, etc. And, you can take a train to Taitung if you wish, then ride the ferry to Green Island, watch the flying fish on the way, and do some snorkeling there. If anything, you'll find that there is just a bit too much to do in just 7 days. If you bring an international driver's license, you can snuggle together on a scooter putting along the backroads through towering green mountains for a picnic in place nobody will find you. Have fun!

    Emma: In Hualien, it isn't rainy in July. Can be hot, but every hotel has A/C. And, if a typhoon shows up, it just adds some excitement to the adventure! This ain't New Orleans; we get about 3 a year, and we're pretty much used to them over here (bear in mind, Morakot was a VERY abnormal typhoon).

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    Best Places In Taiwan

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    I'm not sure I can answer the honeymoon part, but just be aware Taiwan in July will be VERY hot and humid. Also July is right in the middle of their rainy season. Taiwan weather in July- a high possibility of typhoons. Visibility is quite often poor. hot and humid average temperature 24 - 33 degrees C average rainfall - 275mm. Just something to think about when planning your trip

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