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I am moving to Australia from the US in a several months, question about laws?

I was wonder if there were any big common differences laws then there are in the US? OR any strange laws that I should know about?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Things to remember:

    1. No need to tip for service in Australia (its not expected as staff are paid a decent wage).

    2. Drinking age is 18 (keep a photo ID on you if you look youngish).

    3. Police can stop and randomly use a breath testing machine on you at anytime. Limit is 0.05. You wont have to do any of those funny sobriety tests they do in the US. In some states of Australia you can opt for a more accurate blood test instead (but it will delay you much longer).

    4. Road traffic in Australia drives on the left.

    5. Be sure to read up on the road rules when travelling in Melbourne. They have a special "hook turn" for use on intersections where trams traverse.

    6. Australia has very strict discrimination and racial vilification laws. We take racism very seriously so watch your language in mixed company.

    7. It is illegal to carry a firearm without a permit. Firearm laws are very strict here.

    9. In New South Wales it is illegal to carry any kind of knife in public unless it is a requirement of your job (say if you were a chef for instance). Anything sharper than a bread and butter knife could get some unwanted attention by security guards and police.

    10. In New South Wales (and probably similar in other states) - it is illegal to swim or manoevre a boat within 100 metres of a whale.

    11. It is illegal to light any kind of fire on any beach. There are often fire bans and its a good idea to never light a fire without contacting your local firefighting service first.

    12. There are "on the spot" fines for littering in public places and tossing rubbish while travelling in a vehicle.

    13. In most states it is illegal to smoke cigarettes in public spaces (even open air). Most Pubs and Bars will have outdoor smoking areas (and some may ban it altogether). You won't be able to smoke on any Australian airline, even over international waters.

    14. In New South Wales, you legally have to obey the directions of the surf lifeguards (with regard to behaviour on the beach).

    15. Australia has slightly different movie ratings to America. G = General Audience, PG - Parental Guidance (recommended for kids under 15 years), M - Mature (15 years and over only), MA - Mature Accompanied (Kids over 15 must be accompanied by an Adult), R - restricted (18 years and over only), X - restricted explicit (18 years and over only).

    16. The death penalty is banned in Australia

    17. all passengers in road vehicles are legally required to wear seat belts.

    18. all riders on motorcycles and bicycles are legally required to wear safety helmets.

    19. Always swim between the flags at the beach

    20. It is illegal for kids to buy cigarettes but not to smoke them.

    21. Supermarkets are not allowed to sell knives of any kind to people under the age of 18.

    22. It is illegal to transport certain fruits or agricultural produce across certain state borders. Western Australia for instance will not allow any fruit into the state when travelling by car, plane or train. The agricultural inspectors between states can be worse than the international customs inspectors at airports.

    23. Many toll motorways do not accept cash at all, if you don't have electronic ID tags installed on your vehicle (E-Tags) and travel on one, their cameras will ID your number plate and charge a huge fee.

    24. It is illegal to drive cars in bus lanes.

    25. In the Northern Territory the speed limit on open roads is 130kph. For all the other states it is 110kph (100kph in Canberra).

    Other useful information:

    Don't dial 911 in Australia, dial 000 (Tripe zero) nationwide instead.

  • 1 decade ago

    Like the US our laws can vary a bit between states but generally:

    Drinking age is 18, blood alcohol limit for driving is 0.05 with random breath testing

    You can't carry weapons of any kind

    Customs laws are very strict, don't try to bring in any food, plants etc.

    Most laws are the same or very similar, use politeness and commonsense and you'll have no problems.

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    5 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I know you will find this extremely hard to believe but you CANNOT buy an Uzi sub-machine here.

    You can however , legally, go with a prostitute.

    Yes, I know those two things are the exact opposite in the States, but the way we look at it is,

    We'd prefer a guy who is really happy,over a frustrated guy with a gun.

    Something you Americans should seriously consider !!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and 1 other thing,

    Mexicans are quite welcome and Rednecks arent.Amazing huh?

    Again, totally foreign to American thinking but you will adjust, or be given the greatest of all Australian priveleges------------------------------------------the right to---- leave !!!!!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    Much the same here as the US except of course for the road rules . we drive on the left here. so one needs to read the highway code rules.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    Drop bears are protected in all States. If driving in Adelaide or Brisbane you are required to give way to Kangaroos in the CBD (Parts of the City 3 or more storeys high.

  • toomba
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    1 decade ago

    Police have more powers (they can demand an on the spot breath test - all cop cars have portable breathalyzers).

    We also don't have the "suing" mentality. If something happens we tend to think "SH^T happens" and leave it at that.

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