Who is Black Rock Shooter? And is the anime REALLY coming up?

Whats with this of BLACK ROCK SHOOTER anime coming up?


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Who is she? i only know her by searchin for Hatsune Miku pics and some girl kinda looks like Miku.Can you please tell me who she is? The anime thats coming up looks interesting and i want to know more of black rock shooter xD

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    Black Rock Shooter is an UTAUloid (Fanmade Vocaloid) She was created after Ryo, also known as Supercell, released a Hatsune Miku song called Black Rock Shooter. In the PV, or 'music video' if you can call it that, they features a girl looking almost exactly like Hatsune Miku(Aside from the different outfit, black hair, and blue eye)

    Many Vocaloid fans were trying to figure out what a 'Black Rock Shooter' was, and if the girl in the PV really was Hatsune Miku. Soon after, the UTAUloid of the same name was announced, and seemed to be accepted by fans inquiring about the Black Rock Shooter thing.

    As for the Black Rock Shooter anime, it was released already, and I believe made it to a pretty high spot on the Japanese Anime DVD Ranking List. The anime is actually a remake of a PV made by a fan-


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    The original PV is about Black Rock Shooter trying to save another UTAUloid named Dead Master from being consumed by the darkness in her heart(Or something alone those lines)


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    Black Rock Shooter is the name of a song and the character of the song sung by Hatsune Miku. There will be an anime based off of the song, yes. The video you linked to is the preview for the anime. The fact that she looks like Miku is just a coincidence, or perhaps the creator decided she should look like her since Miku sings it. However, Black Rock Shooter is NOT Hatsune Miku. I hope this helps at all!

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    Black rock shooter is a character someone made up for a music video its a spin-of of miku hatsune but is not a "real" vocaloid the music video is very popular and the character is really cool so why not make an anime out of it? A miku anime is probably a bit harder to make since a company (the makers of vocaloid series) more or less own her making it harder to earn money on.

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