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Have you ever been in a car crash?

If you have, tell me about it. And how old were you?

I was..But it wasn't a very bad one, everyone was okay. My mum was driving along fine and she came up to a corner, and this dude came speeding around the corner and crashed into us. He looked so scared I kinda felt bad for him! His fault though for speeding around the corner. But when my mum then called the police (just to check it out and stuff) he actually asked if he could move his car.. (obviously so that the police wouldn't have any proof that it was his fault and that he was speeding around a corner) But she was just like no.. There was 6 of us in the car and we all got 100€ each out of insurance or something..Handy enough! Dono what age I was, probably like 13 or something. I had a big red mark on my neck though for a few weeks because of the seatbelt.

I've also been in another one but it wasn't so much a crash. My mum was tryna overtake this big lorry, and all of a sudden the lorry starting pulling out! We're not even sure why! So his lorry hit off her car and it swerved off the side of the road and flipped over and landed in a ditch..It landed the right side up though.. That was okay too..We were fine.. Neither of these was my mum's fault. + we were Lucky enough I spose :D


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    When I was 5, someone hit our school bus and we got to spend the day at the local fire station, near where the accident happened.

    When I was 17 and a new driver, I slowed down to let a raccoon cross the road and a drunk driver crashed into the back of the car I was driving. I felt so guilty for slowing down for that raccoon. I got out of the car and saw blood running down the chin of the guy that ran into me, and I started profusely apologizing. The cops who came to check on the accident pulled me aside and told me to stop apologizing, that it wasn't my fault, and that the other guy was so drunk he didn't even know he was hurt.

    I've been in those multiple car fender benders where the person in front of you stops suddenly, so there is a chain reaction of cars stopping suddenly and then one guy plows into the back of a car behind you sending that car into your car and your car into the car in front of you. That happened once among a bunch of us women drivers on the way to work. It involved about 4 drivers. We all got out, asked each other if we were ok and if our cars were ok... then we asked each other if we wanted to wait and file a report or just go on to work... and we all agreed to just get back into our cars and go on to work. Whole thing took about 4 minutes.

    When I was 34, I was driving up a road and another car was at a stop sign about to make a left. I thought we made eye-contact, so I continued same speed up the road.. then she pulled out and hit me head on. Totaled my car. It's the worst accident I've ever been in. Seat belt saved me from a lot of grief, though. I came out of my seat, but the seat-belt jerked me back. I had a black seat-belt shaped bruise across my chest and stomach, and I did manage to hit my head on the dash.... but I'd have gone through the windshield without the belt. That was before airbags were standard in cars.

    Most recently, while my car was parked in front of my sister's house, some other car came and slammed into my car. My car is a pick up truck and so my truck only suffered a dented bumper. The car that hit my truck lost a whole bunch of pieces of their car, as debris was scattered all over the road and under my truck. Their car must have been drivable though, because they sure didn't stick around or try to take responsibility.

    ANd there have been other miscellaneous "misjudgment" fender benders. Backed into a brick mailbox, backing out of driveway, I accidentally backed into a car parked along curb opposite driveway (narrow street), turned too soon and ran over curb... forgot to put garage door up and backed into closed garage door... (that one dented the garage door).

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    Yes, driving down a country road and a vehicle was stopped without 4 way hazards on. I was going about 40 due to ice and snow (Ohio in December) and was unable to stop so my options were rear end the vehicle in front of me, head on the car in the other lane or take the 10 foot drop in to the field next to me. Took the field as the safest bet not to injure anyone else and rolled my vehicle 3 times. Happily i walked away with a scar on my forehead from where the sunroof busted out and some internal bruising. Totaled my truck but no one was seriously injured

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    i've never been in a wreck where i was driving but i've been in a wreck while i was riding with a friend and sitting in the front passenger seat

    1st one was back when i was a junior in high school, friend was taking me home after school, as soon as she backed out of her spot some idiot hauled a** backing out from his and ran into her driver side door, nobody was hurt but of course she had to get the car fixed and it wasn't her fault

    2nd one was when i was maybe 18 or 19, was riding around in the country with my best friend sort of near his house, well he wanted to show how his dad sometimes turns left curves by going over the double yellow line around a curve (stupid move lol), well it was 2 cars coming the opposite way, he swerved to miss the 1st car but he over corrected to make the van fishtail which made him slam into the 2nd car, hit her car at an angle then after the initial hit the van straightened up and kind of scrapped against her car, me and my best friend were alright but the driver of the car he hit had to go to the hospital

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    I was in one 2 months ago, it was so scary! I was coming home from dance with my mom so she stopped to let the car in front of her turn and a guy came flying up the bend and slammed into our car

    Making us hit the one that was

    About to turn down a hill. The airbags went off and all I saw was grey debris going every where. I was in the passengers seat and my door was stuck shut, I was screaming bc of the chemical smell from the airbag, it took 2 people to open my door. It was so scary! ( i was 14)

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    yes several got hit by a car while i was doing 35 mph and brokr my arm i also hit a car with a drunk driver in it i was in a sem truck just bent my bumper but totaled his car also a guy ran a stop sign and hit my car

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    i think i was like 5. my dad was driving fast. he crashed with the car in front of us. it was very cold that night. thats it.

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    10 half was i wasnt the one driving n lords been with me thats for sure!

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    Yes, I think I was 5.

  • No I haven't! Those both sound scary.

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