rate my pokemon diamond team?

my team is







o by the way i just got the 8th badge

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    first of all place more information about your team

    like what pokemon you will start with

    anyway first of all level up craniados like that guy said having a unfully evolved pokemon puts you at a drastic disadvantage and

    i REALLY would replace rampardos for once thing just look at his base stats


    he isnt going to outspeed nearly anything and will get KO'd before he gets a chance to do anything...UNLESS you use this set

    Rock Polish

    Focus Sash / Liechi Berry Adamant

    Moveset EVs4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe

    ~ Rock Polish

    ~ Stone Edge

    ~ Earthquake

    ~ Zen Headbutt

    with mold breaker you will be able to KO gengars and rotoms with earthquake but a better choice would be a choiced scarfed pinsir


    i recommend for your team...having it based around a curselax set


    imagine this case scenario you are against a ...idk lets say milotic and it just Ko'd staraptor with ice beam now you send snorelax now mabey your opponent isnt too aware that snorelax huge special defense and it uses surf now you are down 22% and now leftovers recovers 8% mabey it will switch into something that can probobly counter snorelax mabey he sends out...idk lets go with salamance and on that switch you use curse again now snorelaxes defenses has risen from 65 to 130 thats how sturdy lugia is one of the hardest to take down pokemon in the uber metagame and you can bet its attack has doubled thanks to those two atk boosts (each boost rises his atk and def by 50%)

    anyway your team looks pretty good

    choose one of these best sets if you need more help and to see what a pokemon could upon

    Empoleon try "Agility, Three Attacks"


    staraptor "choice band"


    snorlax "CURSElax"(but remember try only switching into pokemon with high spatk for if he is hit too early)


    Rampardos (if you will keep him remember a focus sash is vital)


    herecross(one of my fav pokemon try reversal set or choice scarf)


    Rosearade (id use this guy for a lead to set up spikes or toxic spikes)


    if you wish for more help or think "what the HECK how am i going to get this ______(insert pokemon's name here) because it will take me 25 hours to train this ______(insert pokemon's name here)" dont worry if that is the case then ill just go get one myself and trade it to you dont worry:D

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    Everyone else has furnished well solutions to your pokemon however I have a thought for Gallade. Firstly Gallade typically is a higher attacker so that you must most effective use bodily movements. The great movements could be- Psycho Cut, Close Combat, Stone Edge, Night Slash. Psycho Cut is bodily so it is higher for Gallade than Psychic. Close Combat is extra robust than Brick Break. Gallade has most effective 2 weaknesses, flying and ghost, so Stone Edge and Night Slash will deal with that and they're beautiful well movements. (Originally it used to be instructed that Gallade have a grass transfer and when you desire one you must coach it leaf blade with a center scale)

  • 1 decade ago

    Level Cranidos to Rampardos and you're good to go! =)

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