Music Question here..Need your help?

There is this song that a friend of mine is looking for. It goes something like...I got my feet in the water,My *** in the sand..I think it may be country..Please help if anyone knows the name of this song.

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    1 decade ago
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    In the best music, both intellect and emotion are satisfied, and I find they are very intertwined. Beethoven has a huge emotional impact on me, and also my intellect is stimulated by the music, and partly *because* of how amazingly successful the music, constructed as it is, is able to arouse such an emotional response from me. Other than that I'll just say that I don't agree with how you are filing certain things under "intellectual" and "emotional"; there could be some song which is incredibly complex and emotional, or one which is simple but stimulates the intellect somehow (hey, John Cage's 4'33!), so it's just not so easy to define. Oh, also, as captain is mentioning with "skill without soul"... that's what I'd say guys like Victor Wooten and pretty much every metal shredder has. Their appeal is more like that of a great sports player than a great musician... not sure if the pleasure derived from sports is intellectual or... well, either way it's not a musical appeal.

  • 1 decade ago

    Artist: Zac Brown Band

    Song: Toes

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