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What is the best guitar for under 200 dollars?

I'm thinking about getting a squier strat. It's going to be my first guitar, and It's going to be for learning. If I join a band as a guitarist, I'll get another one before we start gigging, but as of now, I need a guitar for learning, nad maybe jamming with a band of hobbyists. I'm going to play Hard Rock, classic rock classic metal, mainstream metal (Shinedown, korn, disturbed, A7X), metalcore, punk, and some blues, and reggae (more like sublime than real reggae). I'm poor, so nothing over 200 dollars. Thanks.

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    my brother just started to play and i have been playing for a few years. He bought a Starcaster and its a great guitar for the money.

    If you looking for a new guitar ibanez and fender are great. For about 200 bucks you get an amp, a gig bag, a cord. and the guitar. You could also buy

    If i was in your shoes i would go to a pawn shop, guitar center, or a local guitar store. You can find some great guitars for 200.

  • Wendy
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    Check out the Yamaha FG-700S at $200. It has a solid spruce top (unusual for that price range) and is highly recommended.

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    Ibanez guitars

    try the Ibanez RG120 it's like 170 at guitar center now.

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    I think your making a good choice with the strat. There very nice guitars for the money.

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