In general is Dell or HP better?

I've heard that HP is pretty bad. They break down after the warranty ends. But I've also heard they are quite good.

So just wondering in general which is better?

Thanks xxx

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  • 1 decade ago
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    15 years ago, HP was the worst you could buy. 10 years ago gateway was the worst you could buy. now it doesnt matter. not a single large computer 'manufacture' makes their own computer. somebody else makes the parts. someone else assembles the parts into a computer. HP, dell. IBM and gateway SELL you the computer. because of this, no brand has a higher product rating than the next. D@ed if you do and D@ed if you dont. just pick one that has the feature that you want and at a price that you like.

    example, my gateway 'out-of-the-box' gt5032 and who made it. please note that nothing is made by gateway.

    processor- advance micro devices

    graphics, audio and ethernet- nVidia

    motherboard- Foxxcon

    hard drives- western digital

    disk drives- toshiba and LG

    power supply-bestec

    operating systems- microsoft XP-64-SP3.

    **EDIT** if you are in the market for a non-IBM PC compatatble system, as mentioned above, Apple is the best. their computer components are designed for apple per their specifications because apple acutally does assemble their computers. the quality control is unparalleled in the personal market. an apples price reflects this as does their UNIX/Mach3 based operation system, which was designed by NeXt computer systems.**

  • 1 decade ago

    generally speaking dells are cheaper, this leads to poor build quality. HPs however have a bad tendency to overheat, which is bad unless you have a chillmat or its in a well ventilated area. overall you're better off with a dell, they are pretty good.

    my personal opinion is to suck it up and get a mac, they're build is second to none and even though they are more expensive they last alot longer (i have a 10 year old imac thats still in perfect condition) and if you don't like the os you can either learn (its so easy) or you can use bootcamp to install windows xp or 7 on it.

  • 1 decade ago

    personally i would say hp, because they have good virus protection and have good internet speed

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