Pokemon Nintendo Event @ Toys R Us?

The pokemon website says that you can catch Arceus at any Toys R Us in the US via Nintendo Event...What are you supposed to do at once you get there, exactly?


Course, it doesn't matter, because today's the last day and there's no way my parents are gonna drive me 25 friggin miles for a Pokemon, but I'm just curious...

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    I got mine today it was my first event, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET IT Nov 15

    Make sure you have Pokedex and Mystery Gift (get if from Jubilife City look on the internet it will show how to get it) and make sure you don't have more than 3 Wonder Cards (cards that get you pokemon)

    Before you go CALL your Toys R Us to make sure that they have it,

    They told me it was wireless, they said I can get it anywhere inside

    1. Go Inside Toys R Us

    2. Turn on your DS, and go to Main Menu

    3. Click Mystery Button

    4. Click Receive Gift

    5. Click "Get Via Wireless" it should say "Arceus Arrived" push yes it will transfer and save

    6. It will reset by itself, go to story mode, and go to any mart There should be a guy with a Green shirt by the counter, Make sure you have ROOM in your Party to get the Arceus he will give your Arceus LV 100 and your Done.

    7. Save your Game

    It seem like a lot but it only took me 30 secs to1 minute to do


    Source(s): I got it for Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
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  • 3 years ago

    yeah, all you do is flow there, and that they use your ds to place the sweetness mail or what ever after which you connect with their wifi and get your pokemon, and you will have the ability to try this with 2 copies.

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