What successes were achieved?


By: Ayn Rand

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    Hi Panther,

    If you are looking for some information on Anthem, Ayn Rand, her success or anything else about her, then you may want to start with the following:



    I came around to address this question thinking that it was a general question about what types of successes are actually achieved (v/s being automatically conferred upon). I write a blog on success, which I call “Secrets of Success”, and thought that I might be able to share some knowledge with you from there, but then realized that you were actually focusing around Ayn. Well, I hope the above links help you with your doubts in that regard.

    You can also check out my blog if you are interested in Success.


    Mark @ “Secrets of Success”


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    discovery of the word I and discovering that one can be an individula and be one's self rather then a group.

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