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how cheaper is the MAC Cosmetics makeup cost at a CCO outlet store?

i want to go to a CCO Outlet here in northern california. I was wondering if it is cheaper? please let me know if you have bought MAC Cosmetics makeup from a CCO outlet store. Do they have a wide range of selections to choose from. please let me know thanks

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    Well at the CCO they have Mac's previous collections and discontinued items, usually on the internet the Mac cosmetics products from older collections are sooo expensive but they have the old collections at the CCO for like 30-40 percent off.

    I went last week and found Heatherette beauty powder for 10 bucks, all the Hello Kitty lipglosses for 7 bucks each, and Hello Kitty Tippy blush for 8 dollars.

    so I got all that for 46$

    and that would cost like 150$ on the interent

    lol i love cco

  • 1 decade ago

    it's usually 30% off

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