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help on what to wear.. easy ..?

in 2 weeks i have a dress down day

my school is uniform and when its dress down we get to wear whatever

and i was wondering what i should wear

im 15 brown hair 5'4 skinny

and my style is classy chic preppy mixed with boho its weird

sort of like selena gomez with lauren conrad and miley cyrus if that makes sense

so i was wodnering if you guys could make some outfits

thanks :)


thanks guys great ideas so far

and fyi im getting opinions and ideas

im going to go buy what i like

im not going to wear something that i dont like !

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    Well, you seem to have a similiar style then me .

    and i guess the best i could do is tell you what i'd wear:

    top -

    with a white cardigan.

    light ripped skinny jeans,

    a woven brown belt,

    and some brown sandals.

    your hair, something like this:

    hope i helped (:

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    1 decade ago

    you could get like a boho summer dress and a thick winder cardigan and team it with stripy tights and converse or vans = totally unique

    (thanks for answering my question too =] )

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    skinny jeans,converse shoes, a cute,fancy(but not to to fancy,kinda of like selena gomez's shirts),a long necklace with heart or stars,no earings

    there you go its really cute!


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    Well I think just go out shopping and find what YOU like not what other people find for you!

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  • 1 decade ago

    you can get some ideas from my polyvore outfits!!!

    look at all of them!!

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