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Book with a picture on the cover of a girl holding a glowing green stone?


A few years back, my mom got me this book that i ended up loving.

But we moved and I lost it.

I can't remember the title nor the author.

All i can remember is the picture on the cover is a picture of a girl holding a green glowing stone. She had a braid and there were animals surrounding her.

I think her name was Alexia. I'm not completly sure but i think that it started with an 'A'.

Most of this book takes place in a forest because the girl wanted to get away from her home...I think it was some kind of castle.

That's all I can remember...if anyone out there knows what book im talking about please help me.

It has a few sequels and I want to read them.

Please help!!!!

Thank you

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    OMG YES!!! I remember that book! I think its called "The Land of Elion". Or something close to that.

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    I wanna see my smiling face on the cover of the Rolling Stone! Great tune...Dr.Hook. Nope, never made it but we were at a place that took your picture and you could have it put on a newspaper or magazine cover so a bunch of us got our picture put on the Rolling Stone cover. Still have the picture too. :~}

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    Tha Land of Elyon!!! BY patrick carman


    THe dark hills divide

    beyond the valley of thorns

    the tenth city

    into the mist


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    OMGOSH!! I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT you're talking about!!

    it's called "the land of elyon"

    and the girl's name is Alexa

    btway, these books are soooo good!

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