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Peculiar symptoms..? What's wrong with me?

If you are not in the medical field or studying medicine or have not experienced these symptoms as well, then please don't give your input. If you know someone that has had these symptoms, that is acceptable, I am willing to hear anyones opinion except from those that have no idea what they are talking about or have something nasty to say.

I have a long list of symptoms; I am not a hypochondriac; I don't have insurance so I can't see a doctor about it right now.

I have nearly all the symptoms of Lupus and Cushings Disease, but my previous doctor last year dismissed my concerns and diagnosed me with Poly cystic Ovarian Disease, Fibromyalgia, and Hepatitis B. My PCOS diagnoses was just him saying he's sure I have that because of some symptoms. I had blood work and my ovaries came back just fine, yet I was still diagnosed with PCOS anyway.

Ok, symptoms: Daily fatigue, awful back and shoulder pain, upper body obesity, a rounded face, increased fat around the neck, and relatively slender arms and legs,bruises easily, and heals poorly., never developed breasts, no period for over a year (I'm 25), thinning hair on scalp, but hirotism (excessive body hair), stomach discomfort, urine smells very strong of ammonia without signs that it's a UTI. Dark circles under my eyes, excessive thirst, bright red cheeks, diagnosed with osteoperosis I'm 25!!! skin problems including frequent acne around my chin (I never had acne as a teen), Depression & Anxiety, Keratosis Pilaris on my upper arms (the excess production of keratin, creates a goose-bump appearance), boils and bumps on butt, now a rash on my butt! I know I sound disgusting, but please don't make me feel worse than I already do about myself. Please help me out if you are familiar with these problems... I'm sure I have other problems that I'm not contributing to the list, so if you want to ask if I have other symptoms, please ask and I will answer asap.


Thank you both for your responses, however - I have already been tested numerous times for thyroid problems and they function very well. As for diabeties, my fasting glycemia level is 79-80, so I'm nowhere near diabeties, I'm closer to hypoglycemia, but not that either. As for meningitus, I was also tested for that a while ago and that was negative. I have Hep B. so that could explain a liver problem, since Hep B eats at your liver when in flare. I was told to keep an eye on a stomach rash or soreness around the liver, which I don't have. So I'm not concerned about a liver problem right now. Anyone else have any ideas?

Update 2:

My BMI is high, it's 27. I am just below obesity, which really sucks. I used to be very thin and active - age 20/21 I was 80lbs lighter and much more active. Over 5 years I have gained 80lbs and pain has overwhelmed me to the point where I am not as active. I play with my son and I am a postal worker - so I get mild/moderate exercise, but at the end of the day, I'm wiped out and in pain. For osteo - I consume a lot of Vit D and normally take supplements. Lupus, I was unaware of the plastics! I am constantly drinking from plastic bottles and cans without washing. I only run my fruits & veggies under a cold tap for maybe 30 seconds before consuming... so I guess that's bad. Steroids, I can't recall ever taking any - but it's possible.

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    Firstly - from my own experiences I feel I need to ask, what is your BMI? By staying focused on eliminating grains and starches and fruit-sugar/deserts I was able to more easily finally drop to 25 and my goal is now 22. My viewpoint has become that our bodies will repair the best when one would eat much healthier and would then fast maybe one or two days a week - in order to burn old muscle and organ cells so one’s DNA would replace them with brand new muscle and organ cells. Sooo I am learning how to eliminate my gut fat and will then fast occasionally so that I can move from my daily calories being from daily foods and also body fat >>==> to my calories being from daily foods and my own body’s muscle and body’s organ 'meat,' and then 'I_think' my bad fatty cholesterol loaded liver will finally begin to be 'consumed' by my own body processes and will be replaced by a healthy one in a natural way without surgery. [(-:]

    "Most Cushing's syndrome cases are caused by steroid medications." FROM: <>'s_syndrome <> Have you had any steroid meds in the last few? My view is that our bodies will make its own hormones or insulin the best that it can be done, and when one uses synthetics or inject horsey pea it cripples our own body’s willingness/ability to make its own hormones as it was designed/built to do.

    My previous investigations into Lupus showed me that it was from an overload of plastic/vinyl consumption during my friend's life. Coke-cans and any other plastic lined cans for vegetables soups etc or plastic water bottles and especially indoor vinyl painting. Probably the greatest source of plastic consumption is from pharmaceuticals and supplements that use plastics to contain them. Definitely eliminate these from your consumption with little efforts. Also, FYI pizzas and bread/muffins/cakes that use aluminum based rising powder are the greatest source of toxic aluminum consumption within our culture. Eliminate these and Alzheimer’s will become much much less of a future possibility.

    I now rinse all my canned vegetables three times and then re-cook 31+ to 90+ mins and throw out the water. What elements are lost is the carb-acids that are in super-excess, while the most important nutrition that your body needs are in the solids that have not been digested yet, but the boiling helped to also make this digestion much much easier for me. I have also eliminated all nightshades i.e. tomatoes.

    I would recommend everyone to first thoroughly boil their vegetables and this is why. Eating boiled vegetables, like spinach, is the only way I have found I can eat 200 calories a day of leafy greens without loose stools - because boiling reduces the hundreds of percent of acid carbs, like oxalic acid, that oftentimes cause loose stools. Boiling spinach also reduces the pesticides from 80 to 95%+ as per canning studies done in the 70's, by boiling the pesticides off with the steam - after extracting it from the broken cells in the raw plant. Boiling for thirty minutes also kills any salmonella bacteria or e-coli and even anthracs spores that may have somehow been introduced into the raw or commercially canned produce. Again, thirty minutes will kill e-coli AND anthracs spores, which is common sense to me, since my immune system is already weakened and could not handle more than a few spores from a raw salad before I would likely be killed off before I reach my goal of better health. [(-:]

    Boiling also breaks vegetables down a first step so it is then easier to digest in the gut, which would then minimize GI-digestion cancer problems from continually ‘overworking’ your GI-digestion system. Boiling also IMPROVES the micro-nutritional density, i.e. RDA%_nutrition per calorie, by about 10% as per the USDA’s data for boiled spinach versus raw spinach.

    For Osteoporosis - are you taking supplements or eating/drinking any dairy products? I am very ‘strongly’ allergic to the Vitamin A&D Palmitate Preformed Retinol enrichments that are added to non-organic milk. I also learned that one carrot a day has 100% of what is needed but my daily greens have a-lot more than this. Also, consider that the anecdotal shpeal about how these prevent Osteoporosis is the opposite of what really works and then consider eliminating these as well. Eat much more super-boiled spinach, broccoli - after rinsing and boiling out the antifreeze if bought it frozen, asparagus, Pok-Choy, and/or Nappa cabbage. Eliminate all grains/pasta and other starches and fruits/deserts. See my food list from the link below.

    See: >>==> VITAMIN A AND BIRTH DEFECTS from:

    <> <>


    <> <>


    <> <>

    I had almost poisoned my liver to death with nutritional supplements before I realized what I was doing, and I then learned that the entire industry has been an un-researched snake oil scam since Geritol in the 1920’s, and now likely additional snake oils like B12 since the fifties. Synthetics are ALL toxic to the liver, and someone like myself with a sickly liver could definitely tell you the results from a flare up when one would ‘try’ to consume a new snake oil that is really a toxin.

    Check out my own story from the links to understand what I have learned over the years and what I have proposed will likely make more sense and you will likely come to the same conclusions I am choosing.

    <> <>

    <> <>

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    Although I think the problem is 'most-likely' long and or short term allergic reactions to 'something' COMBINED WITH a weakened lymph liver kidney and immune systems - IF the following symptoms would ever occur - I think the worst it might possibly be is deadly bacterial meningitis.

    For further details see <> <>

    Even so these are my thoughts of what ‘might’ be happening in almost any rash or itch situation >>=> I have not been educated to be an M.D. - just a lifelong learner.

    My own view from my own experiences is that rashes and/or itches break out in the weaker parts of one's skin, usually because of allergic reactions; OR perhaps due to fungus problems that may also occur simultaneously, and both of these more easily occur when one has too many carbs and fats in one's daily calorie allotments, and therefore one has inadequate micro-nutrition absorption in the gut which has contributed to a compromised immune system – due to a lack of adequate micro-nutrition to adequately rebuild one’s body on a continual basis.

    What I have learned is that my past naïveté to the consequences had allowed my occasional stresses to sometimes cause me to do things or to eat things or to inhale things that have more toxins in them and that have then weakened my immune system, like drinking and eating caffeine chocolate or high carb foods and sweets.

    It sounds like the malady may be a result of an allergic reaction to something that is toxic to the liver/kidneys. IF it is due to a toxin overload of the lymph system, you might then notice that when one gets hot - then a rash or itching will sometimes occur since the toxins are sweating out of one’s system ONTO an area of the skin that may be weaker and more easily irritated and inflamed.

    ALSO whenever one’s immune system has become weakened the other problem can easily become a bacteria-fungus i.e. ringworm and/or yeast infection thrush, but it is hard to tell what the root causes may be without seeing and learning the details about what one has been eating breathing and applying to the skin. SEE <> <> Monistat 7 will likely kill any fungus in a few days and better micro-nutrition will keep it killed and will also strengthen one’s liver lymph and kidney systems to be able to better handle both an allergic reaction AND/OR bacteria-fungus outbreaks with less suffering in the future.

    IF you think it may be an allergic reaction - although it may be a difficult process - try to identify the triggers from cosmetics meds nuts milk grains other-foods chlorine-water-in-showers smoke perfume moldy-smells laundry-cleaners etcetera by discontinuing them until the symptoms stop and then beginning them again to see how the body reacts. If one is like me one may start to see allergies to many things because the root problem for me was a severely weakened liver from too many nutritional supplements that were toxic and I never knew it until it was almost too late.

    After several months of pruritus Urticaria with blisters and skin fevers primarily at the back of my knees and thighs sometimes when I got warmer, that had begun during the colder months of November inside a gas heated low humidity home, I have identified enough of my own triggers to allow my legs to heal with only a super-minimal amount of coconut cream cut with de-chlorinated water rubbed over my skin and a minimal number of full body showers.

    After several applications my lymph glands have become severely allergic to petrolatum products that are similar to Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, and common sense has now taught me that any petroleum products should always become toxic to anyone’s kidney and liver with repeated applications. I had flare-ups immediately after I had applied organic olive oil so I eventually changed to minimal amounts of coconut oil after I had used a minimal amount of a p

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    Peculiar symptoms..? What&#39;s wrong with me?

    If you are not in the medical field or studying medicine or have not experienced these symptoms as well, then please don&#39;t give your input. If you know someone that has had these symptoms, that is acceptable, I am willing to hear anyones opinion except from those that have no idea what they are...

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    1st thing that came to mind (due to weight description, thinning hair) is a thyroid issue

    another concern with teh excesiv ethirts is diabetes--definately sounds like an ENDOCRINE problem--

    not fibromylagia

    many docs falsely diagnos any paind as fms

    real fms is a neuro problemn

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