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hey guys think that i am a atheist for a moment. and now prove to me that god exists.?

ok i am doing this just cuz i am feeling that i should be on ther place to find that are we doing our best do we actually have the answers that can satisfy them. or are they all just to stubborn

and dont think that i am being ignorant and stuff ok. i will do things like they do. i will put all the logic and stuff like that.

give me all you have prove to me allah is there. give e logic and give me proves or anything which can make me believe that god exists.


@all atheists

dudes i dont care if god has answered for you or not. but he did it for me and that is enough for me to believe in him.

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    Asalmu Alaikum


    1- Ok, brother tell me as to who created the laws of physics and set them in place to work till end of times without any slightest mistake...?

    2- Who created those planets in our universe which are revolving / working so precisely, orderly and perfectly, who set them to work without colliding into each other, like our earth, sun, moon, mars and so on...?

    3- Who created Jinns (an invisible creation) (known as mawakil in Islamic world), we can interact with them, Jinns can transform into any form & shape. (own xperience) evolution is silent on the creation of Jinns. :)

    These 3 questions are enuf for today. :)

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    BismiAllah arrahmaan arraheem:

    1)for me the first evidence I have for Allah's existence is because there is no evidence that he does not exist…

    2)just because something you can't see it, then it's not there ;that is just a lazy dumb thinking to believe in the only things that you get to see..

    human beings might never realized in the early life the air ,but now science proved the elements of the air

    so you can start from this as a norm that although we don't see God but it doesn't mean he does not exist

    3) atheism contradicts the newton first law of motion :

    •An object that is not moving will not move until a force acts upon it.

    •An object that is moving will not change its velocity until a net force acts upon it.

    4) Causation! Same thing ! is there a wood ship made by it own?? without a maker??I don’t think so.

    Thus it’s pointless to say that this universe was created by itself through a big bang or what ever …that big bang needed an extern force to cause it .

    5) all the existents ;man have a former idea about ;as if you noticed that human being believed in the external world since the first of the existence :how he ever believed in such things as God ,religion,the hereafter…ect.if this things really did not exist :and for george berekely philosophy : “Any knowledge of the world is to be obtained only through direct perception.”therefor a person cannot think of something doesn’t exist.some atheists may critic this idea but I consider it as being very true

    For instance the myth of martians,now we all know that there is no such thing;but in same time it’s not new to believe that there is life in mars or any other planet since we all formely know that we live on earth and earth is a planet..and just look while watching a fiction movie all those creatures are very familiar:a monster mostly have eyes ,hands ,legs whatsoever .. all is taken from things that already exist (hope you got the idea)


    *for those that say Muhammad (pbuh) wrote the Quran and invented islam:

    1)if you read abut the life of Muhammad (pbuh) ;he was rich in some point of his life then right after he claimed the revelation he became a very poor man,now the question is: What was his wish from inventing and writing the Quran?

    -gain money and materials? => why he never accepted the offers of kuraish ?? Authority and money…ect.

    -control people? =>he could have asked them to worship him instead of worshipping God!

    2)if he wrote Quran then why he took the risk to claim things that wasn’t known at that time and was proved by science till the 21th centry

    3)how did he guarantee that Islam will be the fastest growing religion ?

    4) he was an illiterate man after all.

    There are more proofs and evidences about Allah’s existence and the truth of Islam and the Quran ;but I can’t write them all,just use ur common sense,mind and logic and observe things around you :

    Quran Al-Baqarah 164, « Most surely in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day. and ships that run in the sea with that which profits mankind, and the water that Allah sends down from the cloud. then gives life with it to the earth after its death and spreads in it all kinds of animals, and the changing of the winds and the clouds made subservient between the heaven and the earth, there are signs for a people who understand. »

    Plz do surf those websites :I found them very helpful :

    hope that helped :)

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    During 1800s, Anthropologists had a problem as to

    how to classify human beings. One researcher

    proposed the expression "intelligent animal".

    After advanced studies on monkeys, it was dropped.

    Another researcher proposed "tool using animal".

    After observing some animals making wooden tools

    and sharpening them with knife like stones, it was

    dropped. Another researcher proposed "weapon using

    animal". A decade ago, a rare film was shot by an

    amateur in an African forest. One short monkey was

    hit very badly by a big monkey. The short monkey

    prepared a wooden knife using stones and hid it on

    the top of a tree. After some days, when the big

    monkey came to attack the short monkey, it ran up

    to the tree for the weapon it has hid and killed

    the big monkey. The one thing that the

    anthropologists found with any group of human

    beings, even if they did not have contacts with

    the out side world for thousands of years, has

    spirituality with some form of religion. So, man

    is a "spiritual animal" if you want to call him

    that way.

    The Upanishads say that "Manush" (human) was so

    named because he has "Manas" a mind higher than

    that of the animals which realizes the divinity in

    creation. It was present since the creation of

    human beings. Religion is the characteristic

    feature of most of the human beings. It was not

    attained through reasoning using mind. Illiterate

    tribes located in inaccessible forests also have

    religion. It is as eternal and and as unchanging

    as the Almighty. Disbelief by a few will not

    affect it.

    "The percentage of atheists in the world is less

    than 5%"

    "Atheists are all scientists" ?

    Religion is not a blind following. It is a sub-consciously driven

    group ritual. It calms the 'collective unconscious' mind. The

    religious culture brings unity and belongedness among the followers.

    " Are Atheists More Depressed than Religious People?

    In recent years, the view that religious belief and

    participation in religious acts of worship has a positive

    effect upon the well-being of man..."

    "Is a Belief in God Beneficial? Or, What's an Atheist to Do?

    1) Religious attendance is correlated with longevity.

    2) Religious belief has been associated with lower levels of depressive symptoms.

    3) Religious beliefs may help with addiction.

    4) Religious attendance is correlated with lower blood pressure.

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    There's nothing to prove that he exists.

    But yet you cant prove he doesn't.

    If he didn't exist then why would people back then even waste they're time writing a book on a fictional character.

    We are not put on this earth just to die.

    Then there would be no point in existing and our existence would be pointless.

    The Idea of God gives people hope.

    If you believe in nothing then what gets you through the rough times when you have no one to talk to?

    What makes you think think that everything will get better?

    Source(s): My Mind.
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    Have u ever dissected a hen or a mouse?

    Have u seen it's heart and all the internal organs?

    Have u studied about ur own heart, how it pumps blood 2 all the parts of the body and 2 the very complex brain. What happens if blood does not reach the brain?

    Do u think science can make anything like a human?

    When u study the human body(internal) u will realize that there has 2 be a very very incredible higher power who made our body function the way it does.

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    If you are a history buff then consider this;

    Go through the history of that insignificant patch of desert in Arabia before the Quran was revealed to Mohammad Pbuh. Do you really believe that the entire credit goes to a single man, in a mere couple of decades, while surrounded by three mighty empires, was able to mobilize from scratch, a community that not only overcame the local opposition but overwhelmed the three empires almost simultaneously, furthermore, set into motion the growth of a community that number over 1.5 billion worldwide.

    Equally astonishing is the fact that he still had the time to work on a document, that would be memorized "word for word" by millions, the work itself will have hundreds of checks and balances and astonishing trivia about the works itself. In addition contain hard coded facts pointing to the world we live in, with accuracy and prophetic uncanniness. All this from a desert nomad community of no known think tanks, no known centers of learning and no known military machine worth mentioning. What are the odds?

    If you are a mathematician then consider this;

    There are many avenues and all of them lead to either consistency or completeness. Completeness at the expense of consistency and the other way around has been demonstrated by Gödel, not only does it make sense mathematically, it fits in perfectly with the historical debate. Gödel is not alone with insight into the issue, Max Dehn before him and Alan Turing just after his work was proposed and many after them were able to demonstrate, in a number of disciplines, the problem of undecidability and that there is no consistent, effective formal system which proves for every question A in a given system that there is a certainty of a "yes" or a "no" answer.

    The overriding consideration of imagining infinity or nothingness (zero) is in its usefulness and not in its proof of existence. Is it then logical to conclude that to ask for proof of God is a logical fallacy?

    If you are logician then consider this;

    First, try to unlearn everything you know about right and wrong, not easy, then try and build up a case for each simple idea like stealing or lying to be either wrong or right. One thing you will notice very early on is, that it is totally and I emphasis “totally” subjective from both an individual and a group’s perspective. The only logical way to introduce any solidity into the equation would be an external factor or constant, be it survival, natural laws, what ever that means or divine revelations. To sit back and enjoy the comfort of embedded notions of right and wrong and than come out swinging and claiming that these are the product of your intellect per se is nothing short of illusions of grandeur.

    The need and choice of the constant quickly takes a life of its own like infinity or zero in mathematics (try reaching the Moon without them or make a wire transfer). Once logic takes over, the need for a catchall constant becomes indispensable. Given the limited time, nanoseconds on cosmological scale, at our disposal it becomes imminent. From there on the choice of God (As defined in natural language) as the constant is almost automatic if the objective is to arrive at even a semblance of a moral system, as we know it. The alternative is simply not acceptable.

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    so which you pass in this great rant approximately how our existence and the universe's existence is previous comprehension, that this is wickedly complicated, and yet you think of it incredibly is a controversy *for* some area daddy going "poof!" and starting to be each thing we see with magic? That something so simplistic because of the fact the Bible, that completely everyone can study and proper understand on some point, ought to be seen a valued option? That people are able to determining with precise accuracy the basically precise "fact"? That we are able to pin down with absolute readability who and what our "author" (for those that have self assurance in that) is and his recommendations-blowing character and his recommendations-blowing desires and his recommendations-blowing way of judgement? Oh, and there is likewise the undeniable fact that our complicated and incomprehensible "God" basically so takes place to have a infantile, human recommendations-set the place in case you do not have self assurance in him he sends you to Hell to be tortured for all eternity. feels like some whiny spoiled brat to me.

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    Have you ever had that feeling of a hunch, or some strong intuitive thought which ends up being right? That intuitive perceiving is part of the spiritual world. How else can such things be explained? Knowing who the person is when the phone rings, etc, is the psychic abilities which we have which God gave us.

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    Salam Athiest ;) (jk btw)

    Who do u think created this world? Who do u think created u? If u say that ppl b4 were apes.. who made them???

    Now talking to a muslim:

    Ahmed Yar yeh atheists r just a piece of sh*t! The Quran also says that there will be many ppl who will be given evidences but still they wont accept the faith! Dheet hamesha dheet rehat hai! Usse jitna badlna chaho mar kar bho nahin badle ga!

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    this question probably already exists, it seems like I answer this over and over again...

    Christianity has never been proved directly wrong and it has been around a heck of a lot longer then evolution or whatever theories atheists are holding up today. Also what is written in the bible has always been upheld as historically accurate for what we can tell through archaeological evidence.

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