What are some new inventions?

I'm putting together an after dinner speech and I need to know of some random, crazy inventions people use nowadays. Kinda like a...toothbrush that tells you the time while reciting chuck norris jokes...ya know what I mean? Something that just screams..."wow...is that really necessary?"

Please, they need to be real inventions!

Or in progress would be acceptable (please state if it's in progress or in use).

Thanks guys! :)

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This invention was laughed at and never really made much impression on the market but it has hit the headlines in the UK in recent weeks. It’s a “Teenager Repellent”. It is designed to stop young people gathering together outside shops and other places and getting into mischief there. Its high pitched buzzing sound, like a mosquito, gives rise to its name “The Mosquito”. It emit’s a sound that is only audible to those under 25 years old and it is claimed that groups of unruly teens will not be able to tolerate it for more than ten minutes. The whole idea sounds totally crazy but a number of shops and business premises in UK have started to use these units and they claim that they are effective.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Snuggie!!! Thats the best invention

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