which one killing more people in the world? iran or israel (Include woman and kids)?

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    ISRAEL read this

    2008 Worst Year For Palestine Deaths Since 1948

    The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) bases in Gaza, issued a report on Saturday revealing that the year 2008 is the bloodiest year for the Palestinians since the Nakba of 1948.

    Date: 26 / 04 / 2009 Time: 10:11 Bethlehem – Ma’an/Agencies –

    2008 was the deadliest year for Palestinians since the violent creation of Israel in 1948, the Gaza-based Palestinian Center for Human Rights reported (PCHR) on Saturday.

    More than 1,000 were killed last year, including 820 killed by Israeli forces in Gaza and 40 in the west Bank. Another 143 Palestinians were killed in inter-Palestinian violence.

    Presenting PCHR’s annual report to media in Gaza, the center’s director, director Raji Sourani, said, "2008 was the worst year and the deadliest for the Palestinians ... since 1948," according to AFP.

    According to PCHR 1,417 Palestinians, including 926 civilians, were killed in the Israeli military offensive on Gaza in December and January.

    Palestinians remember 1948 as the year of The Nakba (The Catastophe), marking the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of people and the massacre of many others from the historic land of Palestine.

    The PCHR said that the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli forces and the settlers in 2008 is 868, 820 (94.5%) of them were killed in the Gaza Strip, and 48 (5.5%) were killed in the West Bank.

    The Center added that 414 of the slain Palestinian (47.6%) were civilians, and were killed in situations that did not pose any threat to the lives of Israeli troops.

    Dr. Sourani further said that in 2008, Israeli soldiers kidnapped during repeated invasions 2433 Palestinians in the West Bank and 68 in the Gaza Strip. More than 9000 Palestinians are currently imprisoned by Israel.

    Israeli Soldiers and settlers carried repeated attacks against Palestinian lands and homes in the West Bank, while the army also expropriated more Palestinian lands for settlement construction and expansion and for the construction of the Annexation Wall.

    The PCHR reported that in 2008, Israeli soldiers destroyed 216 homes in the Palestinian territories, including 107 in the West Bank and 109 in the Gaza Strip.

    Referring to internal Palestinian violations and unrest, the PCHR stated that 143 Palestinians, including 25 children and 13 women, were killed by Palestinian gunmen, and 411 Palestinians were injured. Two more residents were killed in cases of weapons misuse.

    26 Palestinians, including two children, were killed and 170, including 20 children and seven women, were injured by members of the Palestinian security forces in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. .

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    Israel by far is the most murderous. All who say Iran are basing their judgment on perception due to Western media coverage, but with no facts. Even those who say Hamas and Hezbollah's killing of Israelis is attributable to Iran (which is not true), Israel still kills more. Just in the last Israeli war in Gaza, Israel killed more Palestinians than all the Israelis killed by Palestinians in 40 years. The same goes with the Israel war on Lebanon in 2006.

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    Irrelevant question.

    That is sort of like asking how many people did the Allies kill in WWII without bothering to acknowledge or even care that there was a war on.

    For the record, you may want to look up the Iran-Iraq war from the 80s.

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    If you are talking about murder, and by definition accessory to murder, it would be Iran. They pay the homicide bombers to go into Israel and TARGET women and children.

    When Israel fights back they target the terrorists (striking in a retaliatory war is not murder) and they even rarely hit civilians.

    Socialist...No, the terrorists will always hate us unless we are bowing down to Mecca...and I do not want Islamic terrorists loving us anyway. You think that Islam is innocent in these wars, why are Muslims involved in EVERY MAJOR CONFLICT since Viet Nam? THEY ARE HATEFUL AND EVIL!

    Amer...Can you say PROPAGANDA? I knew you could. The PCHR would look at someone who lobbed a grenade into a crowd in Israel then was shot as a civilian if he were not in the military. That is how they come up with such ridiculous number of civilians. I would also venture to say that a group such as PCHR is so anti-Israel that they probably count the family dog, too.

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    Iran, by a large margin. Through its proxies and support for terrorism, Iran has killed more people than exist in Israel and Palestine combined.

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    Numbers are irrelevant. If Iran killed a million people and Israel only killed ten, then both equally murdered.

    Both are wrong.

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    Clearly Iran, not only through Hamass, but their other proxies who get themselves killed by the Israelis at Tehran's instigation.

  • Anonymous
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    Iran - Since they are a major source of funding and a supplier of weapons to Hezbollah, Hamas and other terrorist groups

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    Iran. They stone women for being rape victims.

  • Israel, by far

    hell, they're the REAL evil empire we should be trying to destroy, and in fact, if Israel wasn't our ally, we wouldn't need to be fighting all these wars in the middle east nor deal with terrorism. in fact, the muslim world would probably love us.

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