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mormons, do you think your church will accept gay-marriage in the future?

like in 50-100 years, if gay marriage is readily accepted throughout the usa.

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    No. Gender is essential to eternal progress, and marriage is a part of that. Quite simply, it's been a long time since the feminist movement began. Women in the church aren't holding the Priesthood yet. Gender is an essential quality, and there are gender roles in the church. 2 men or 2 women simply wouldn't be able to meet that.

    As for comparing it to blacks... there were always blacks in the church, my own family history has an adopted black child back when the church had begun, baptism wasn't an issue it was priesthood holding, and holding the priesthood is not necessary for church membership. Churches were never segregated, but that doesn't mean the people weren't racist... people often lived in different neighborhoods and that reflected the congregations. When my dad went into the Korean war, he was considered 'non-racist' and was used to integrate an all black regimen. This is because he was Mormon and the church was seen as 'non-racist' at that time. You have to look at things in the big picture.

    Add: Eveshield.... did you read books from a hundred years ago? I've read books about blacks and the church and the priesthood that are pretty dated, and all of them say that the priesthood would be restored to them, though they didn't know when. So many years ago, most people were surprised that blacks weren't being GIVEN the priesthood, and spent a long time trying to figure out why instead of just shrugging and saying "Well, that's how it is and will remain to be so." Blacks who were part of the church constantly said they were looking forward to the day when it would be restored to them. Really, the idea of giving the priesthood to blacks wasn't an 'unbelievable' notion.

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    They should be taxed anyway. I will never understand how the Catholic church, with all it's money and land, can be tax exempt. But I don't think forcing the church to do anything by the government is a good idea either. You run the risk of setting a bad precedent, because then the churches will demand to be allowed to make legislation. No church in government!

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    Well lets look at the history of changes and the LDS church....

    1. Polygamy, the pressure to stop was HUGE! Utah's statehood was in jeopardy, and the US Government had enough. *poof* God changed his mind and the LDS "prophets" changed it...eventually.

    2. In 1978 a person with any black blood was not allowed to have the mormon priesthood, and that means no temple blessings for them, not even black women (members) were allowed inside LDS temples. The pressure was huge this time also. The LDS was looking like a bunch of bigoted racists to the outside world. BYU university was receiving the backlash also.

    There was a temple in Brazil but those people looked light skinned but had black blood.

    In 1978 poof God changed his mind and the "prophet" allowed the curse of cain to be lifted.

    3. In the early days of the mormon church they did not want to be "christian" and embraced being different. Brigham Young and many other leaders said awful things about Christians. (in the temple movie a Protestant minister was protrayed as a hireling of Satan until 1990.

    Early LDS Leaders taught that monogamy was the obvious wrong way.

    as Years go by, certain teachings and temple happening (rituals) were being known by more people, *poof* now they want to be called Christians and be excepted by the Christian world as mainstream.

    So yes, I would say if the pressure was great enough, yes they would change their views, but don't hold your breath! They do believe that GOD would not have made you born gay, so it is sinning by the person.

    Google, the values institute. that will explain the tactics, and courses that have been used on changing LDS gays.

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    I agree with the answer you have from LDS members so far - nope.

    And I would like to point out (as Phrog touched on) the fact that the church has not changed it's mind in the past - but people have not always understood the intent of God's requests or commands. Assumptions are not usually a good source for truth - as in the case of Spike and Keira's answers.

    I would also like to point out that, as always, the LDS strive to live their religious beliefs within the confines of their surroundings. They follow the laws of the land. They will continue to do so if gay marriage should become law.

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    Gay marriage doesn't satisfy life's purpose

    People pushing gay marriage keep saying this is a religious issue. That is not true. Everyone needs to answer the question of “What is the purpose of life?” Leaving religion out of the answer, as well as the Bible and personal opinions, there is only one answer that can be given that will satisfy the laws of NATURE. That answer is: “Reproduce yourself and your species.”

    Can two female or two male marriage partners conform to this law? No! So, this is not a religious issue alone. It is an issue that defies the laws of nature. The animal, bird, fish, insect, and plant kingdoms all live this law. They reproduce themselves as per nature's laws.

    If any of these kingdoms failed to live this law, their kingdom would become extinct in a short period of time. If the plant kingdom failed to live this law, there would be no food for man or animals to eat. We would soon become a dead planet.

    Only man wants to defy this law of nature. In so doing, they become destroyers of, rather than contributors to, the human race.

    Gay radicals are bent on re-defining marriage and society, thus changing the human experience. What they are promoting is motherless and fatherless children.

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    No, never...

    The church published the following "Proclamation on the Family" which was prayerfully pondered and divine guidance was sought in every detail in writing it (since it is an official statement of the church.) This document was certified by all the members of the leading bodies of the church who claim direct revelation from Jesus Christ.

    It therefore (for Latter-day Saints) might as well begin with "Thus Saith the Lord" and is immutable.

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    No I don't think gay marriage will ever be part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints ; marriage is and always will be the union of man and woman. As for if it is accepted in the US, we are in the world not of the world .

    Source(s): LDS In this world and the next
  • No I don't think gay marriage will ever be part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints even if it is accepted in every state

  • Anonymous
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    Things have changed in the past to include blacks when they became more accepted (i.e. black men in the priesthood), which no one ever thought would happen,50-100 years before the fact, so yes I think it is possible, although it would have to be something the majority of the U.S. has come to accept and it may take twice as long as it took black people to be accepted because it is (at least currently) viewed as a choice by so many especially those of a religious mind.

    **edit: I think people today would be very suprised to see how the world is (even the "Christian/Mormon world") 100 or 200+ yrs from now.

  • Susie
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    Sodom and Gomorrah readily accepted stuff like that. God didn't change his ideas then, he just got the 1 half decent guy out of there and bombed the place. I think he has a similar plan in store for the world when it reaches that point again.

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