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Which of these five reasons best describes why its just bafoonery for Obama to have terrorists tried in NY?

Reason 1

These cases do not fit the mold of a typical murder trial in a civilian court.

Military commissions were designed for this purpose.

Reason 2

The administration is again blurring the line between ordinary crimes and acts of war. Likening terrorists at war with the United States to common shoplifters is wrongheaded. These are not members of our society who refuse to obey our laws: They are enemies of the United States, engaged in war against America and all that it stands for.

Reason 3

The administration has offered no clear criteria for deciding which terrorists will be charged as criminals in federal court and which ones will face military commissions. Attorney General Holder, in announcing the decision, suggested that the five cases were appropriate for civilian trial simply because the evidence against the terrorists is so strong that they'll surely be found guilty.

Reason 4

A very real safety threat exists when a terrorist like KSM is tried in an urban area: The city becomes an enticing target for terrorists around the world.

Reason 5

Finally, the trial will take many years to complete. Indeed it may not even start for five years or more.

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    Yea Reason 2, is a big one...I think this is more political than justice, I personally don't think the government gives a crap about justice, I mean so far they've been sitting in guantanamo bay as "enemy combatants" for like years, and now out of the clear blue sky apparently they gonna switch it up and make them criminals, with all the rights given by the constitution like, jury of your peers, and unbiased and impartial jury, assumed innocent until proven guilty, the on law about unlawful confinement, and plenty more, lol. If they considered criminals, when the last time you seen a criminal in the US Justice system be legally confined without trial for years on end, without the right of a lawyer, phone call, etc. Not too often have you? Probably because that goes right up against the rights given by the constitution. This is the reason that enemies of a country (US) aren't considered "criminals" because if they were guantanamo bay as a whole would be unconstitutional. See what's happening here is that they are manipulating the justice system and the constitution to fit their selfish needs, at one point their enemy combatants and prisoners of war, and now they're just prisoners being tried for criminal acts against the US. And if they are tried as criminals, how do you address them being confined without trial for all those years...IF this happens it'll be the beginning of the end of what the constitution and justice system were supposed to be. It's really sad to see the masses be manipulated by anger and lack of information, this is more about the people than it is about the "terroists". What about all the other people in guantanomo bay, will they be tried? Maybe they'll wait another 10 years for the time being they can just be enemy combatants or prisoners of war?

    And Where they going to find a impartial jury in the US for "terroists"? They'll be proven guilty before the prosecutor even makes his case. This whole thing is a farce, its political, Obama imho may be just trying to get a win or something. I think that they should remain as enemy combatants or at least tried in a military tribunal, and not for the sake of them, but for the sake of the justice system. I believe if they do this trial through criminal courts it will just cast another shadow over the real problem with our justice system, which is that the "powers at be" seem to be able mold and shift the justice system and the constitution to fit their own selfish needs.

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  • Deb M
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    Ramzi Yousef was tried in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York for planning the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Has the Laws in the US changed in this country?

    Is this why people are upset?

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the confessed architect of the Sept. 11 attacks who was waterboarded 183 times in U.S. custody in March 2003.

    So now everyone is an expert at international law?

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  • zzone
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    Obama is doing this on purpose, this way the Terrorist have a better chance of getting off or a lighter sentence, he is doing it on purpose because he is a coward, and is still appeasing the enemies, and they might decide to take back his undeserved Nobel Prize for doing nothing.

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  • Anonymous
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    We've successfully tried terrorists in NYC before.

    Why are you such a p___y?

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  • Andy
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    All of the above.

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