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Georgia Tech beats Duke 49-10 to win the ACC Coastal?

what are your thoughts?

either Clemson or Boston College(more than likely Clemson for the ACC title game in Tampa December 5)

Finally we win the division


Nesbitt's throwing today was great. I love Demaryius Thomas on the outside as a big threat.

The questions have been answered about how the option would succeed in the ACC. It's had incredible success

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    Love GT.

    I think Clemson.... and we will beat them.

    Paul Johnson has been running this offense so well

    Nesbitt is on track with his throwing and rushing game

    Dwyer is just amazing


    Derrick Morgan is just a beast

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    Georgia Tech is on top of issues this year and can run that soccer! i understand for helpful Georgia Tech will beat duke and have an exceedingly stable danger on the ACC identify this year and if issues fairly roll their way they might also have a shot at a countrywide identify which may be a extensive upset... yet via no potential impossible

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    They're very deserving of the title. As a Dawg fan, I will give credit where it's due. Georgia Tech worked their tails off all season long and it paid off. But with that being said, I do think Clemson wins the Atlantic and wins the rematch with Georgia Tech. They almost pulled it out last time these two teams played earlier in the season. Who knows though.

    GO DAWGS!!!

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