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Does the US ARMY give sundays off in basic training?

If so is it completley a free day just to sleep and relax or do you still have to wake up at 5:00 a.m. and PT? Thanks

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    Sundays at Ft Knox were like a paid vacation.

    We were left to sleep until 7AM, there was no training,, only essential details had to be done, and there was no PT, PROVIDED your psgt was satisfied with your performance during the week.And, knowing what was in store, we made sure he was satisfied with our progress.

    If he wasn't he'd be screaming at 6AM, but if you didn't see him until 7AM, you knew he wasn't going to show.

    They too, liked the day off. Monday 0430 Am came awful quickly.

    Yolu could go to church if you wished, and of course, you had to get your equipment in shape for the next week, do some laundry, sleep, but basically, it was a day of peace.


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    It is easy compared to what it use to be. I originally joined back in '96 and it was actually pretty tough. Still could get hit back then. I just went through tanker school alittle over a year ago and I basically had to do basic training all over again and this time around I was so disappointed to see what the army did. I can't believe how easy these new privates have it. You cannot smoke or drink though. Accordint to army regulations you only require 4 hrs of sleep a night. Now that means it doesn't have to be all at the same time either. Yes it is constant pressure and the only time off you get is when you are sleeping or at church. Now to punish you there's alot they do. They can smoke you, basically means exercise, but to the point you are hurting and just want to quit. Or extra duty.

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    I can't answer for now, but back in my day you still got up early, did PT, had breakfast. After breakfast was a little free time so those that wanted to go to church could, then lunch, clean the barracks, dinner, then a little more free time, then lights out as usual.

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    You do PT every day.

    On Sundays, you get up at the regular time, do your PT, go shower, and then go to breakfast. After breakfast, there is no scheduled training, so that soldiers that want to can go to church. Those that don't remain in the barracks, and when the church goers return, the entire company conducts thorough barracks cleaning. Then you go to lunch, and then after lunch you go out to training.

    Source(s): former paratrooper
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    You wake up at the same time, go to chow, then go to church, then you clean the entire day. There is no PT on Sundays because it is not a training day. My cousin is currently at Fort Benning and he calls us on Sundays.

    Source(s): USMC myself Cousin at Ft Benning
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    it depends... are you infantry or support? if you're support i know that where i went to bct we didn't do pt on sunday and you're sort of off, as in sundays would become a barracks maintainance day and once a blue moon we'd get to have our phone time and shopping time done on sundays. closer towards graduation we'd even watch a movie and relax and they even handed out our cell phones

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    not the whole day.. a few hours to attend worship, that's about it.

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    RiskyBiz pretty much summed that up.

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    i think you might get hours off for church... but that's it.

    i don't know for sure.

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